World Venture Review – The Conclusion

How do you feel about travelling anytime you want and getting the cheapest accommodation rates?

And how would you want to travel anytime you want, get cheap accommodation rates, and EARN every time you travel?


There’s a catch. There’s always a catch.

Are you ready to hear this once in a lifetime and amazing opportunity that I am going to present to you?

Regardless if you are or not, the reason why you are here is because you want to know if indeed it is an amazing opportunity? Or if it’s just like some other fly by night companies that will soon break not only your heart but also your bank account?

If you are have been around the internet trying to look for an unbiased World Ventures Reviews, then you are definitely on the right place.

If you have been looking around for a legit review that can help you identify if it is a world ventures scam or not, then you have just found that sweet spot of your search. This is not just one of the many world ventures reviews. This is THE world venture review that you have been looking for.

We are going to take you to different truth destinations in this review. Fasten your seatbelt, sit back, and relax as we now venture the world of World Venture.

Truth Destination #1: The Company

“Make work less about the money and more on the things that matter: PASSION, ADVENTURES, and FUN”

These were the principles that gave birth to World Ventures. It was launched on December 10, 2005 by two individuals who were experienced in their careers but wanted more. The founders of the company are Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue. They were further joined by Chief Executive Officer Dan Stammen. We will get to know them more later in the review. Let’s know more about the company first.

I can give you a rundown of fancy ways to describe the company but that is not why you are here. You are here for the simple truth.

World Ventures is a Multi-Level Marketing company. You got that right. It is a multi-level marketing just like Amway, Avon, Herbalife.

But what makes it different? Unlike other MLMs that operate on food supplement, World Ventures is competing on a different niche. They claim to be the “largest vacation and entertainment direct-selling networks in the world.”

Uh-huh. There is now a direct selling and networking in the travel niche.

Here is a sample of one of the trips that they offer to members.

World Venture Review

I bet you are wondering how it works. Here it is. World Ventures uses a piece of software that enables them to search for the cheapest travel accommodations in the internet and have it secured in their website. Then you will have to pay monthly to view the travel destination deals that they offer. To make it clear, they do not own any travel source itself.

“Where does the multi-level marketing come in?” You ask. Well. This should not be a shocker to you anymore. You earn extra income by recruiting somebody to be part of World Ventures. The how and details will further be discussed later in this review.

World Ventures currently have 120,000 representatives in over 24 countries and they continue to grow.

They live by these three pillars: Build the world’s best vacation and lifestyle club, Build a family of world- class direct sales people, and Leave the world a better place.

Truth Destination #2: The Leaders

Earlier, we said that we are going to get to know the leaders more. One of the factors that we will consider to identify if indeed there is a World Ventures scam is the transparency of its’ leaders. In our previous reviews on products that are 100% scam, one of identified red flags is that founders or leaders deletes themselves off from the internet. We will soon know about the leaders of World Ventures.

Wayne Nugent || Mike Azcue || Dan Stammen

Upon checking their profiles, all three of them have active LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. They also have recent videos uploaded in youtube.

Dan Stammen, CEO of World Ventures, has his profile appearing in Bloomberg.

Truth Destination #3: The Product

World Ventures has some fancy names for its’ products. All of which, of course, pertains to travelling.

One thing that you need to take note of, though, is that the prices that you will see do not include the cost of the flight. It only concentrates on the rates of your travel destinations.

They have now changed the names of their products but still have the same inclusions.

  1. Dream Trips GOLD- $199.99 initial membership fee || $49.99 per month membership fee


  • Access to DreamTrips and VolunTours
  • DreamTrips extras, such as airport transfers, hosts, excursions and activities (where available)
  • Access to discounts on airfare (not included in trip price)3
  • DreamTrips Rewards program
  • RateShrinker3 • Exclusive travel deals year-round
  • Flight accident insurance3
  • DreamTrips Exclusive Deals
  • Dining and entertainment discounts
  • DreamTrips Mall
  • DreamTrips concierge
  1. Dream Trips PLATINUM- $299.99 initial membership fee || $99.99 per month membership fee


  • Exclusive Platinum Member-only DreamTrips
  • Advance access and booking for all DreamTrips
  • Upgraded airport transfers
  • Early check-in and late check-out
  • 50 percent discount on the room upgrade cost for available room types
  • Platinum Perks: Additional complimentary excursions, activities, green fees, spa discounts, resort credits and more
  • Emergency evacuation services6
  • Apply 20 percent more DreamTrips Points per Reward DreamTrip

The standard membership fee to become a representative is $99.99 with monthly fee of $10.99.

Truth Destination #4: The “Amazing” Opportunity

This is what makes World Ventures set apart from other travel sites. They pay you to share this “amazing” opportunity to friends.

How? Through commissions

Since it is an MLM company, if you refer someone then you get a commission.

They start their pitch by waiving your monthly fee.

“Tell just four friends about your exclusive DreamTrips Membership and, when they sign up to become members like you, your monthly membership fees will be waived! As long as you have four referrals with paying memberships at your level, your monthly membership fee is on us. It’s our way of saying “Thank you!” You’ll also get DreamTrips Points for each person you refer.”

Their “Get Four. Pay No More” is a promotion that they offer to their representatives. The monthly fee is for the Representative Business System fee. A representative business system is an online tool that helps representatives manage their business.

Then follows their compensation plan. In putting people under you, you have two options.

  1. Lineage or most commonly known as Unilateral

Here, you place all of your referrals or recruits directly under you.

world ventures group reviews

  1. Binary System

In the binary system, you place your recruits in either two legs- either under your left leg or right leg. In this kind of system, pairing bonus is very common.

World ventures program reviews

Truth Destination #5: The Pros and Cons

World Ventures reviews give you their personal take on the legitimacy of the company. Before we dive into that, let us do this analysis first.

The Pros:

  1. The leaders of the Company

They continue to be transparent and engaging. They have their faces and bios written all over the internet. This should show us the leaders’ commitment to the company.

  1. The Robust Website

I must admit that World Ventures’ website is one the best MLMs website that I have ever checked out. It is very simple. And they have their principles, and values all laid out. It is also very simple to navigate.

Does that mean that just because they have a cool website already makes them a legit MLM company and now takes them off from a scam? No. What I am saying is that if people placed too much attention, emphasis, and detail in building their website and making it pro-customer, then it tells us how serious they are in what they do.

  1. The Cut and Dry Setting of Expectation

Unlike other MLM companies that overly paint the simplicity of earning and building wealth, World Ventures has a different take on that matter.

World ventures group scam review

The Cons:

  1. The Product

One of the factors that makes an MLM company successful is its’ product. The reason why Herbalife, Usana, Nu Skin and the likes go for health and wellness niche is because of the wide range of market that they can tap. Everyone needs to maintain an optimum health in order to live long. Thus, selling the products is not really an uphill climb.

Being in travel niche makes it challenging because unlike health and wellness which is a need, travelling is something that an individual can live without. (Well. At least based on the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs)

  1. The Membership Fee

You and I agree that the one-time fee and membership fee is not something that an average Joe can easily come up. The cost is just too much. It’s like you are paying to get a discount. Doesn’t that make you pay full price, as well?

Final Truth Destination: The Verdict

World Ventures reviews are there to identify a World Ventures scam. I mean with all those amazing opportunities that day by day different people present, I think it is just about right to get cautious.

So what is it?

World Ventures is a SCAM!

Kidding… (Admit it. That made your eyes pop, right? J)

It isn’t. World Ventures is legit and is 100% legal.

It’s not a perfect company. No matter how transparent and straightforward a company can be, there will always be people who will mess it up. What is important is that as an individual who considers being part of World Ventures, you have your expectations set and right.

With that being said, let’s just lay our cards down on these things.

Who Is It For?

  1. Sales Individuals

If you are comfortable in selling, presenting, and has a high tolerance for rejection, then this can work for you. One of the things that is good about doing business in MLM is that your effort equates your income.

  1. Individuals who love to travel

You can never sell what you don’t believe in. Before people buy your product, they need to buy into you first. If you are not passionate about travelling and is a home-buddy, then there is no way possible that people will buy from you.

  1. Wide and right network

It still is a networking company. When you start your business, you will initially sell to your warm market (eg friends, family members). Considering the product, the one-time fee, and the monthly fee, this will tell you that you cannot just easily market this to anyone. Everyone likes the thought of travelling but not everyone can afford to travel all the time. You need to make sure that you have an appropriate market that you can tap.

  1. Willing to wait for results

It doesn’t happen overnight, just like any other conventional business. One should be willing to keep on sowing, keep on talking to people, keep on trying, until one sees the results. That is why it is very important that you believe in the company and in what you do because MLMs compensation plan can be very lucrative, but it never comes easy. You need to have a motivation beyond money.


Regardless if you think you or you can’t, you are right.

It is always about finding a perfect fit when it comes to looking for the right MLM Company for you. Not because you are in good in sales, doesn’t mean you can sell just about anything. (At least for most individuals.)

World Ventures opens another option of opportunity for people who want to try the MLM business but is uncomfortable in marketing you go-to products such as supplements and all.

If after reading this review makes you jump on board and join World Ventures in their “You should be here.” cry, then we support you in every way.

But if you feel that this is something not for you, then hold it off. There might be something else for you.



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