ID Life Review

Is it just another multi-level marketing company masked as a dietary-shake-weight-loss solution? Or does it actuallyReview of ID Life work?

Is it even worth it? And how different is it from its competitors?

And the million dollar question… Is ID Life a scam?

If you are looking for answers or you may have already made a decision and is just looking for a confirmation, then I suggest that you read this review of ID life. 

In this ID Life review, we are going to cover several bases. We are going to get to know more about the company, the people behind it and the forefront runners, the much talked about products, their infamous business, and compensation plan, the showstopper cost, and our final take about ID life. By the way, this review is not affiliated with any company. Expect this review to be biased-free. The only bias that this review may have is the bias towards consumer welfare and towards the people who want to make honest money.

With much being said, let us get started.

ID Life Review || The Company 

ID Life which means Individually Designed Life is a multi-level marketing company that has its products in the health and wellness niche. It has been operating for 2 years now, since May 2014. It claims that it took 17 years of product formulation and preparation. It has its office located in Frisco, Texas.

ID LifeThe forerunners and the executive team of ID Life are Logan Stout (CEO), Mark Bennett (COO and General Counsel), Joe O’ Connor (CFO). If these names are foreign to you, don’t worry. We will talk about them more in the next section. For now, let’s establish our foundation.

It has “business associates” all over the world as the company now focuses on global marketing.

What makes this company different from its competitors is that it used an online assessment of your overall health condition. After your result will be provided, it will give a list of recommended products. The assessment is HIPAA approved and protected. This means that whatever pieces of information you put in remains confidential and will not be accessible to the public.

So. I thought I’ve tried it.

Signing up in IDlife

Upon signing in, I was given this prompt.

As to who Shannon Ford is, I do not have any idea. And how he became my sponsor remains to be a question.

When signed in, you will then be given this home interface. It contains different tabs where you can utilize. Well. The experience of navigating through each tab wasn’t that easy. Upon taking the assessments and completing it, the next question that one may have is…What’s next? If someone is not computer savvy, then this can be challenging. The interface may appear simple but it is the navigation that brings confusion.

ID Life The Leaders

  • Logan Stout

If you are a baseball fan who follows Dallas Patriots then Logan Stout’s name is already a household name. Stout is Logan Stoutthe founder of Dallas Patriots. It was through his passion for sports, and getting fit that led him to be the CEO of ID Life. If you think that he is an athlete who has found passion and made it into a business, then you are wrong. Logan Stout is a businessman. In fact, ID Life is not his first MLM company. In fact, ID Life is his third. He was previously associated with Advocare. Then, he moved to Ignite Energy. Finally, he decided to build his own company.

If you are wondering why he moved from one company to another and decided to build his own, let me tell you that it is very common. MLM leaders switch companies due to different reasons and mostly, it’s related to upfront cash offered to them by the new companies hiring them.

 I, then, further research about the other two companies that he has been associated with. Everything looked sparkly clean until I stumbled into an article about The Clearman Law Firm Announces Federal Lawsuit Against Stream Energy, Executives, Alleging Unlawful Pyramid Scheme. Guess who is one of the individual defendants in the lawsuit? Uh-huh. It’s Logan Stout. This controversy gave birth to the possibility of an ID Life Pyramid Scheme. Regardless if the allegations are true or not, one thing is for sure. Logan Stout’s name is already tainted.

  • Mark Bennett

There is not much talk about Mark Bennett except the description that he has on his LinkedIn account. Mark was Mark Bennettpracticing law or 20 years before he jumped shipped and decided to be part of ID Life.

If you want to know more about the other members of the executive team of ID Life, then you can check this link out.

What does this look like? Well, ID Life is led by people with impeccable backgrounds. Then again, its’ CEO has a track record of allegations of being a founder of a pyramid scheme company. Does that qualify ID life to already be a scam? Not really. But it sure is, noteworthy.

ID Life Review || The Products

One of the main concerns when it comes to dietary supplements is the question of the approval from FDA. Initially, when you check the website of ID Life, you will see this.

Now backtrack a little bit. If one is not ready intently, it is easy to infer that it is FDA approved. It is not. It only says ID Life FDA approvalthat the products were tested by FDA approved laboratories. It’s like saying that it’s not really authentic ice cream but it was tested by authentic ice cream machine. You get what we mean. Right?

Then I have decided to dig deeper. This question was actually answered in their FAQs.

It still does not answer the question directly, but we all know what it is saying. Please do not be confused. ID Life’s products are not FDA approved. However, it has gone through stringent quality check. I am emphasizing on this because I have read 0n some reviews saying that it is FDA approved. Again, it is not.


Now. That is settled. Let’s move on to their products.

ID Life offers a wide array of products around the health and wellness niche. Its’ products are classified as shakes, chews, energy, sleep, hydrate, workout line, snack bars, skin care, kids, shot, lean, and customer packs.

id life products

In general, these products were created to compliment an individual health needs. These are not your magic pill. Though this is one of the reasons why others cry out an ID Life scam because of the ineffectiveness of its products. Others say otherwise. In almost three years of operation, ID Life has now reached $10 million in global sales. This amount tells us something. It tells us that people are patronizing it.

The ingredients of their products are mostly organic and are said to be formulated for 17 years by Dr. Paul Sullivan and his team. He is the company’s Chief Formulator with a solid background in product formulation.

As to the complaints that the product has, BBB was able to record 4 complaints. These 4 complaints are not primarily on the effectiveness of the product but on unauthorized credit card billing. All 4 complaints were addressed and responded by ID Life.

ID Life – The Compensation Plan

ID Life’s compensation plan is rather very lucrative if compared to other MLMs. It has 14 ways of augmenting your income. It presents 14 ways of paying its members. These payouts are done through commissions. Some of these commissions are:

Paid Weekly:

1. Retail Commissions- This is earned through selling the products. Depending on whether there is a promotion or not, the standard discount rate is 30%.

2. Fast Start Bonus- Well this is the part where you have to bring in people so you can earn $100. If you are able to successfully annoy someone (kidding ) and have that person purchase a product within 30 days, then you get a commission. More is given if you are able to bring in more people.

3. Three and Your Product Is Free- You are able to get your products free if you sign up 3 customers.

4. Business Builder Bonus- Earns $100 for every customer that you sign up for a $399 level.

Paid Monthly:

5. Residual Income- This pays you off for until 10 people down your line. You get a commission for every time your people do.

6. Matching Residual Income- Associates get 10%- 20% depending on the level that they are in. The closer the level to you is, the higher the commission.

7. Volume Match- When a business associate climbs up the rank and become an Executive Director and they are able to build Regional Directors under them, they will get a bonus as many as four generations.

8. Preferred Customer Bonus- If a person maintains $1000 points per month, then he/she gets 10% discount on its purchase.

9. Global Pool- This is for National Directors only. They get 2% share of total ID Life monthly income.

10. Rank Advancement Bonuses

11. Car Bonus

Remember that we discussed earlier in this ID Life review that apart from direct selling, ID Life is still a multi-level marketing company. As to the structure that it has, this remains to be only discussed the moment you become an associate. But from the looks of it and from the levels that they maintain, then a linear structure can be inferred. But yes. They have not hidden it that you would need to recruit and bring people in to earn extra income.

ID Life Product Costs

Currently, ID Life is offering this to its potential business associates.

ID Life promise

They have the following kits that you can choose from with varied costs (of course).

  • Base Kit- $399.99

There are three base kits available. These kits are ID Nutrition, Skin Care, or Vegan-Friendly. These kits include products and some materials that you can use for marketing.

  • Bundle Kit- $999.99

Since this is more expensive, this kit includes more products are marketing materials. Purchasing this bundle kit will also make you qualify for a car bonus considering you are able to maintain an executive level for six months.

  •  Business Builder Kit- $1,299.99

This kit includes ALL of ID Life products. Plus you are able to get a car bonus if you can maintain the executive level for just one month.

  •  Marketing Tools- $24.99

This amount is paid when an individual does not reach its’ monthly sales goal of $1000.

Well. That’s a lot of money to put in for a business opportunity. And the fact that you need to pay $24.99 when you can’t reach the $1000 sale target is something uncomfortable. What if that person is not really into selling but more on developing people? And what happens if a person is unable to sell $1000 worth of products? Is hoarding and stocking products possible just to maintain points?

ID Life Review || Final Word

If ID Life is a pyramid scheme is something only the founders know. From the looks of it, this ID Life review declares ID Life as legit.

There are certainly a lot of things you need to consider before you start.

1. Consider your budget

Starting a business with ID Life does not come cheap. In fact, it will cost you an arm and a leg. And as a business, remember that you will have to shoulder any cost that you may have in marketing.

2. Consider your market

Do you have a market that you can consistently sell the products to?

3. Consider recruitment

If you plan to make a business and a career out of this, then you and I both know that you will have to recruit. Ask yourself as early as now… How comfortable am I in recruiting people? What is my rejection tolerance?

4. Consider the risk

Are you willing to take the risk? Are you willing to take the possibility that this might be an ID Life scam? Remember Vemma? Vemma was in the industry for more than 10 years before FTC closed them down and declared them as a pyramid scheme. And let’s take out the fact that ID Life is an MLM company, and take this as a traditional business. Remember that even traditional businesses are bound to fail. Are you prepared?

5. Consider your effort

How much effort are you willing to put in?


It’s not going to be a walk in the park. But it’s going to be worth it if you are willing and able to do just about anything (legal and ethical) and wait until you see the success that you envisioned it to be.

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  1. Ah, a 16 time World Series Professional baseball player? What team? This seems like BS to me.

    1. Well, that was. It’s removed.

  2. I’m mortified! Reading this I felt me feeling sick….

    Yes I’m a client of ID Life, I spend 200 a month plus 150-200 in products a month.

    I am a 54 year old woman, just trying to stay healthy.
    I go to the gym 3 days a week, 2 days with a trainer 1 day I’m on my own. I do 3 plus hours of cardio a week.
    I eat clean all week so I can splurge a little on weekends.

    I am keeping up with this new information I am digesting.

    Thank You For Sharing,

    Beth Hyatt

    1. Beth, mlm companies are extremely predatory. People lose a lot of money when joining 99% to be exact! Please do your research on MLM companies before spending another dime on them. If you’re on Facebook join the large group called “Sounds like MLM, but ok” you’ll be shocked and disgusted at the stuff on there and how it’s ruined people’s lives.m

  3. I tried this by the urging of my Dentist and a bunch of high ups that no longer represent the products. Garage that is expensive. I’m a personal trainer, and heard this from many many trainers throughout the country. My blood work proved it was doing NOTHING. Waste. I’m on a NON MLM vitamin now and it is like night and day. Unreal.

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