Unicity Review – There You Go!

Can this be the one? Can this be the perfect fit?


Is it going to be another opportunity turned absurdity? the perfect solution turned perfect disaster?

Do you feel that? that uncertainty that has been bothering you from the time that you have heard about it?

Do you perceive it? the upcoming chaos of disappointment if the truth is not known?

Alright. First thing is first. This is not a promotional article for some suspense movie. This is a review to help you know more about Unicity. Unlike other Unicity reviews, this review is set to give you my personal experience sitting in a business presentation by a friend who has joined the company. This review is a platform not only to collate other people’s feedback on the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of its products but also my own observation seeing friends try several items. This review is set to aid you in making a well-informed decision before you cry a Unicity scam or a Unicity pyramid scheme.

Be ready for a one of a kind review. Because I absolutely am.

Can Unicity really make your life better? Or bitter?

The Company

Unicity scam review

From the name of the company, you can derive the word unity. That is exactly what happened. There was a union of two companies and decided to be in unity with each other. It was formed on April 10, 2001 by two network companies- Rexall Showcase International and Enrich International.

Now, before we proceed further. Let me tell you interesting things about these two companies. Rexall and Enrich are like Coke and Pepsi. They are your Yale and Harvard in the networking industry. These two companies have different cultures. Rexall is a business-based company while Enrich is product-based. Merging on paper is one thing but merging cultures is a whole lot different thing. And that is entirely why these two large networking based companies decided to merge. They can use each other’s strength and build a bigger, better, and stronger new company. (Source)

Now the question is. After 16 years did it achieve what it was set out to do?

Let’s keep reading on.

So after the merging, Unicity was formed. Their manufacturer was Royal Numico which had $4 billion sales during the time of merge.

Fast forward to 2017, Unicity operates not only in the US and Canada but has already expanded its business to different countries. These countries are Venezuela, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Brunei, and the United Kingdom.

The company’s main headquarter is located in Orem, Utah.

Oh! By the way, there is one fact that I will never dare to miss. Unicity is a multi-level marketing. Uh-huh. Their products are in the health and wellness niche which is what most MLMs market.

The Executives

Now, let us look into the executives of Unicity. Does it even matter? It absolutely does.

In a multi-level marketing it is essential to know the people who are running the show, especially if you are trying to decide if the company is a scam or not. Reputation and credibility of a leader always has an effect on the company and the road that it is going to take.

Let’s look into Unicity’s CEO.

Unicity executive

Stewart Hughes, Unicity’s Chief Executive Officer, took the leadership role in 2006. Before he took the role, he was in the financial services industry serving as Vice President and Senior Financial Management Advisors in two Wall Street banking firms.

Unicity is the only multi-level marketing company that he has been associated with. In 2012, he was part of the top direct selling CEO in the world. He ranked 100.

There is really nothing much about this guy except that he has given much of his time to Unicity. It’s all business for him. His social media accounts are full of updates on his whereabouts in promoting Unicity. The internet is clear of anything negative about Hughes.

The Products

Unicity has a wide array of products. Their products are created to improve an individual’s overall health and at the same time address specific concerns in certain health areas. Currently the company has 130 products for sale. These products are classified into 13 categories- Accessories, Anti-aging, Bone and Joint Health, Daily Health, Digestive Health, Fitness Products, Heart Health, Immune System, Men’s Health, Pack, Personal Care, Weight Management, and Women’s Health.

Out of 130 products, there are three products that standout. These products are Bios Life Slim, Bios Life Matcha, and Lean Complete.

Unicity product reviews

Bios Life Slim is a weight loss product. It also regulates blood sugar levels, and improves heart condition. Aside from weight loss, this product is also well-known to diabetic patients.

Bios Life Matcha, on the other hand, is product that increases energy and mental concentration. It is rich in antioxidants and important nutrients.

And, lastly, Lean Complete is a meal replacement product.

Now, let’s talk about the effectiveness of these products. There have been several talks on how effective their products are. Backed up by studies and science, these products have its’ basis. Then again, we cannot eliminate the placebo effect factor. People who take supplements tend to make revisions in their lifestyle and exercise more.

One Unicity product that I was able to observe its’ level of effectiveness is Super Chlorophyll Powder. This product is aimed to maintain our body’s PH level, to keep the skin vibrant, and finally to heal wounds. My friend used this to treat a wound that she has had for some time. She was advised by her mentor that instead of taking it orally, she can instead open up the tablet and place the powder directly to her wound. She did as she was told. A week has already passed but we were not able to see any improvement in the wound. It remained as it was before. She stretched for another week in the hope to see even a slight improvement, but unfortunately still nothing. This is the case when it comes to MLM products. When cases like this happen, the user doesn’t have a hold against the company. The company does not have any legal responsibility towards these kinds of cases. It’s more of a hit or miss when it comes to using these products.

Unicity powder reviews

Because it’s an MLM, supposedly you will only be able to purchase the products from members of Unicity. There are, however, complaints coming out that these products are being sold in eBay and Amazon at a much lower rate. That’s another thing about their products. Most complaints are on the price. This is actually very common for products distributed by MLMs. Take note that part of cost is giving payouts to its members, so they get this from the sales that they make.

The Compensation Plan

Unicity has different compensation plans depending on which country the distributor is from. In general, there are two ways for an individual to earn. It’s through sales and recruitment. Here are several ways that you can earn.

  1. Retail Sales

This is through selling the products at a retail price after purchasing it at a wholesaler price.

  1. Personal Rebate

A distributor earns a personal rebate of 5%- 20% depending on the personal volume. Personal rebates are available after a month of becoming a member.

  1. Director Lifestyle Bonus

Every time a distributor qualifies for a specific rank, the distributor is able to earn a monthly bonus. There is a maximum of 6 monthly Lifestyle Bonuses.

  1. Infinite Share Bonus

This bonus is dependent on the distributor’s downline. Depending on the personal volume of the downline distributors, the upline distributor is able to earn this bonus monthly.

There are several conditions to be met in order to qualify for these bonuses. One of the most important conditions is that the distributor has to be an active member who is able to generate sales every month and is able to bring in people to be recruited.

It is absolutely possible to earn huge income from Unicity. There are even other travel incentives available. Then again, it comes with hard work and commitment.

The Process and the Cost

You can choose to join through the website or through a distributor.  To be a distributor of Unicity doesn’t come cheap. There are 7 packs to choose from to have the business started. Each pack has products included. The more expensive, the more products there are included in the pack.

  1. Basic Pack- $190 || Personal Volume- 125
  2. Prime Health Pack- $226 || Personal Volume-125
  3. Cleanse Builder Pack- $350 || Personal Volume- 250
  4. Business Builder Pack- $385 || Personal Volume- 252
  5. Elite Pack- $789|| Personal Volume- 503
  6. Transformation Pack- $1,495 || Personal Volume- 1000
  7. Build Your Own- $40 || Personal Volume- 0

This does not contain any product but only a starter kit; thus its PV point is zero.

After choosing a business pack, the next step is to either choose to do a monthly automatic refill of products or not.

Once that is done, the next step is to fill out the enrolment form.

The Final Verdict

Unicity reviews are set to bring its’ readers a better understanding of the company that they are looking into making a business in.

Is there a Unicity scam?

There is no scam. Though there have been reports of Unicity in other countries not making it because of some issues, but Unicity in general remains to be legitimate. There are no much complaints about the company that is enough to be able to prove that it is a scam. In fact, they are very much legit.

How about a Unicity pyramid scheme?

FTC describes a multi-level marketing company a pyramid scheme when more than 50% of the company’s profit comes from recruitment. Product sales should always be more compared to recruitment profit in order for a company not to be called a pyramid scheme. Now looking at Unicity, technically there is no way to know exactly because only the company has the numbers. As an observer, we can only infer that their product sales are doing well. Bios Life and together with its’ other products have been a topic of different reviews. This only means that they are able to get the public’s attention. This also means that it is gaining popularity; thus, gaining sales. Also, it is marketed in different countries; thus, sales being expanded to many consumers. Another factor is the required auto-refill of distributors. This can actually be something good for sales but bad for distributors who are unable to meet the required sales because they end up buying more, but selling less.

Who is it for?

It is for individuals who are willing do the business, share to people, and be passionate about the products that Unicity promotes.

This person also should be able to distribute and sell products in a monthly basis.

And, of course, an individual should consider the fact that people will always have something negative to say about MLMs. They should be ready for the rejections, the negative comments, and the doubts. And translate them into confidence to be able to make other people’s lives better. No pun intended. J

And was my friend able to make it in the business. Unfortunately, she decided to stop. Why? Because she got into Unicity because of the hype. And the thing about being hyped is that it will eventually die down. And when it did, there was nothing anymore that kept her going.


Back in 2001, Unicity’s goal of merging two successful networking companies is to be the biggest and best. It’s now 2017. Has Unicity reached that level? In the multi-level marketing companies, being the best and the biggest is not the main thing. The main thing is consistency. There are a lot of companies that has made fantastic sales that made them the best and also the biggest, but only to end up being closed by FTC- as to the case of Vemma.

The first thing than one has to consider and ask is, “Can the company sustain?” Consistency matters a lot because in MLM the true fruit of labor comes after years of hard work.

And Unicity is able to sustain their business, so far. By being able to expand globally only means a system that they have already built. They need to consistently sustain and surpass its’ performance.

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