Paid Surveys at Home Review – Why Is It A Scam?

Scam Alert! Scam Alert! Yes, you have read that right. In cases when you come across Paid Surveys at Home and find it to be an interesting job opportunity, then I’d better think twice about joining this online business if I were you. Paid Surveys at Home is not what it seems. It claims of paying you for taking surveys, but you actually need to pay first before you get to earn something. To know more about it, read my Paid Surveys at Home reviews and find out for yourself if it’s going to be worth your time and money.

What is Paid Surveys at Home?

From the name itself, Paid Surveys at Home is an online money-makiPaid Surveys At Home Reviewng business that primarily pays you for taking and completing online surveys. Aside from surveys, you also get paid when you participate in focus groups, take phone surveys, try or test new products that you can keep, and even preview new movie trailers whenever you want and wherever you are, just make sure you have a computer and access to the internet.

According to them, they have a database that contains a list of more than 400 companies and its programs. These companies, like, Coca-Cola, Disney, and Nike, are conducting market researches for their respective products(Well, that’s true). The opinions given and shared by the regular consumers (that’s you and me) will help these companies decide as to whether that certain product is worth the investment or not. In other words, Paid Surveys at Home acts as an intermediary that helps the companies gather the needed data from their target market.

Paid Surveys at Home acts like an intermediate between you and those multi-million companies who want to hear feedback from its customers. It’s true that some of those surveys must be real. But the amounts that PSAH shows is way beyond the limits. $20 for 20 minutes survey, Naaah!

According to its website, it does not require you to have special skills and has claimed that there are NO FINANCIAL RISKS. Moreover, there are no targets to meet, no costs for the website, no stock to carry, no need for overheads, no calls to make, no bosses, no reports to make, and there are no dealing with politics. What a wonderful life would that be, right? WRONG! Read on.

Why Becoming a Member is NOT a Good Idea

Paid Surveys at Home seems like a perfect venue where you can easily earn extra cash, right? However, becoming a member of this online business is definitely not a good idea. Why? Because the real deal is: YOU NEED TO PAY A MEMBERSHIP FEE before you can actually access its database. Yes, you will be able to find that out once you register with its program. But the worse part is that the paid survey sites in the database can be searched through Google.

Apparently, joining Paid Surveys at Home is easy. To walk you through with it, you only need to provide details such as your name, email address, and the country where you reside. Check to agree to the site’s terms and policies and hit the Submit button to finish the initial part of the registration. You will then be directed to a webpage where you are going to watch a video presentation, which discusses what Paid Surveys at Home is all about and how you can earn money from it.

In all fairness, the video is informative and entertaining. Before it ends, you will be instructed to pay the membership fee, which initially costs $68. But you get a 50% discount or pay $34 if you use the Coupon Code found at the bottom of the screen. Just the usual coupon code tactics working there! If you don’t buy for $34, the price will continue to come down from $34 to $17 to $7.

Once you pay the fee, you eight weeks to try the program, and Paid Surveys at Home guarantees to give you money back if you want to cancel your membership. That’s actually true. The product is actually listed in Paid Surveys at home is available on clickbankClickbank, which is a marketplace of such products which have very little value. If you are not happy with the purchase, you can contact Clickbank and ask for a refund. They will process the refund as soon as possible since PSAH is not a partner of Clickbank, but just an another seller in Clickbank marketplace.

If you don’t pay the membership fee, then you will not go beyond the video presentation. You will not have the chance to try the surveys and find out how much exactly you can earn. These are the primary reason why I don’t recommend Paid Surveys at Home to anyone. Even if there are a 50% discount and a membership cancellation, the mere fact that you are paying for your membership without any kind of assurance does not make it a legit business at all.

More Reasons Why Paid Surveys at Home is a Scam

With all the things I have mentioned, does Paid Surveys at Home scam people? I know that the word scam is an awful word to use, but if that’s the only way to stop you from falling into the trap, then yes, Paid Surveys at Home scams people and is only after your credit card by distracting you with too-good-to-be-true offers. Still not convinced?

Well, aside from the membership fee and having no access to its database, here are more reasons why you should not trust Paid Surveys at Home:

  •  On its website, you can see how much you can earn when you take the surveys on this website, but don’t fall for them. They are not real. Earning $20 for a 20-minute survey is fake because usual survey sites don’t pay that much, and surveys are usually completed more than 20 minutes. They can pay you that much only if you pay for something that is worth well over $2o or if you subscribe to some services using your credit card. In that case, you will be charged more than $20 in a course of few months.
  •  Even if there were surveys available, there would instances when you can’t take them because you are not qualified. Not just that, the disqualification usually takes place after about 15 minutes into the survey. You just loses your time and earns nothing. All that would be left behind would be a page showing  “sorry, you don’t qualify for this survey”
  •  It does not show who the real website owner is and where it is based. A legit online money-making business does not hide its identity. It does not even have a phone number that you can use to contact them. Huge red mark!
  •  There are high chances that your personal data are sold to third-party groups. Such circumstance will also give you unwanted emails for sales and promotions. It happens when the survey that you just took part is owned by some serial email spammer who even resells those email to others. It would turn even worse if you provides them your credit card details. Never do that!
  •  There have been so many complaints coming from the members who were cheated off with their money because they were not able to find anything that Paid Surveys at Home had claimed to provide. It does not stay true to what it says. This usually happens with third world countries, or we could say almost every country except UK and US.

How Would Real Survey Sites Be?

I have tried survey sites for real and let me make it clear that I have earned and withdrawn. Being a non-US resident, I can’t expect huge payouts from any surveys and I even shouldn’t expect much surveys, at all.

In my whole life, what I have earned from surveys is about $5-6. It was from a survey website owned by the Rupert Murdoch’s Star Group, the giant in TV channel networks. The payouts per surveys used to be 50 cents to about 1 dollar. The frequency of surveys was about 3 in a month if I am lucky. US residents may expect even $3-5 per 20 minutes survey if it’s legal like that of Star Groups. You probably would never earn $20 for a survey unless you provide your credit card details!

You can earn better from PTC sites like Clixsense where they provide you even surveys where you can be sure of earning something.

But Why are There Still Good Reviews About Paid Surveys at Home?

If for instance, you have read positive reviews about Paid Surveys at Home, then that would probably be its affiliates who encourage people to join the program. These affiliates have to say positive things about Paid Surveys at Home so that people would actually be interested in joining the program. As I already said, there is a marketplace for Clickbank where you get enormous commissions (50-75%) of the sale amount when you make a sale for a listed product.  So be careful with what you read, and if possible, do your share in finding the truth about Paid Surveys at Home.

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  1. Any survey site that asks you to pay for membership or promises that you can make thousands is a scam.

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