CashCrate Review – Can You Cashout?

Are you interested in taking surveys? How about if you are interested in getting paid while taking surveys?

Is it possible? Absolutely possible.

But can it really suffice? Does it really pay off? Is it even legit?

What if it’s just another scheme that promises payout, but only ends up breaking your heart?

Well. Worry no more. We are going to answer and erase those worries.

Is CashCrate legit? Is there a CashCrate scam?

What will make this review different from other CashCrate reviews?

We are going to answer those questions and so much more. Fasten your seatbelt because we are going to take you into the world of CashCrate- cut and dried.

What Is CashCrate?

Plain and simple. CashCrate is a company that pays you to take surveys. And so much more. The “so much more” includes taking offers, referring people to CashCrate, and watching videos. They also give you a “money back” offer for doing your online shopping with them.

To make it simpler, CashCrate is the bridge between the consumers and the companies. Companies need to know certain information about the market that they are selling their products to. They need to know how they can improve their product and also their marketing style. On the other hand, consumers have certain needs that they want to be met by the companies and they want these needs to be heard by the company. That is where CashCrate comes in. They bridge the gap. Companies pay them. From the companies’ payment, they pay you.

CashCrate started in 2006. As many people call it, it is known as a GTP company- Get Paid To. It is available worldwide. And as per website, they have already paid off $3.9 million already. Its registered location is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

They seem pretty okay until you check Better Business Bureau. Though, BBB is not a sole and official authority to identify if there is a CashCrate scam, what they have to say has a weight on people’s impression on a certain company.

BBB has rated CashCrate with an F

BBB has rated CashCrate with an F. This is the lowest rating that they give to companies based on the “degree of confidence that the business is operating in a trustworthy manner and will make a good faith effort to resolve any customer concerns filed with BBB.” They base their grading system on 17 factors.

An F rating definitely doesn’t look good on the books, especially for people who are thinking of joining CashCrate.

Who are the People Behind It?

There are two people who are associated to CashCrate. They are Patrick Clochesy as the company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Joe Coleman as CashCrate’s Manager.

Patrick Clochesy’s LinkedIn profile does not have so much to give. The profile is not that active. It does not have a picture. All you can find is the confirmation that, indeed, he is CashCrate’s CTO. He placed his position in his profile. And that he graduated from the University in Wisconsin. And you can also find his job experience list. Aside from LinkedIn, you would not be able to find him anywhere.

Joe Coleman’s LinkedIn profile is the complete opposite of Clochesy’s. It has his picture and is more active because of the several connections that he has. There is just one thing that I have noticed though.

Who are the People Behind It?

His LinkedIn profile shows that the main title that he carries with him is being the co-founder and CEO of Contently. Contently is a company whose services are to offer branding through content marketing. It was a good thing, though, that he still associated CashCrate to his profile.

So it made me wonder. Why is that? What happened? I decided to dig deeper until it brought me to CrunchBase with his profile.

co founder and chief executive

This means that he was in Las Vegas for four years from the time that CashCrate was opened. And he moved to New York in 2010 to start Contently.

It is possible that a person has multiple companies. It is also very common for entrepreneurs who have an online business to own more than one company. In fact, they have a name for them- serial entrepreneurs. However, it is impossible for a person to be able to give equal attention and “affection” to each of the company that he owns. There will always be that company that is on top of the rest. There are risks that come with it. And based on those two profiles, it is quite obvious which company number 1 is.

How Does CashCrate Work?

Alright. So you want to know the process. You want to understand more about the program. You want to have more specific information about it. You can definitely find it here.

Because I wanted to experience CashCrate and how user-friendly it is (and also for research’s sake), I decided to sign-up. Here are the things you need to take note of.

  • Signing Up

When you decide to join CashCrate, of course you will need to sign up. First thing is first. It will not cost you anything. It is for FREE. Upon signing up, you will be given two options- either to sign up using your email address or through your Facebook account. It is best to do it with your email address because signing up through Facebook will still require you to login to email account. As you confirm your email address, you will be brought to a page where you need to put in your personal information. It is important that you put in the accurate information because the surveys that you will be getting are based on your geographical location. Also, it is where CashCrate is going to send your check.

  • The Dashboard Tabs

Once you finish filling out the information, you will then be brought to the dashboards containing different tabs. Before we go to the tabs and the things under it, I want to direct your attention on something.

 The Dashboard Tabs

Uh-huh. Just for signing up, you get a dollar and five cents. I know it’s nothing fancy. But that’s better than nothing. And yes, you need to be able to earn a minimum of $20, so you can have your check mailed. Yes again. They mail your check. Is PayPal available? Yes. However, it is only for members who have reached Silver+. How do you get to that level? Hold your horses. We are going to discuss it later.

Now back to the dashboards. Here are the tabs that you will see in your dashboard.

Dashboard dispaly

  1. Surveys

In the surveys tab, this is where you can find the surveys that you have qualified for. There is a daily survey that you can take with the amount that you will get for completing it.

Daily surveys

Now, one of the most important factors to be qualified to take a survey is geographical location. Those members who are located in the US and Canada get more surveys compared to those from other countries. These surveys are based on the companies that are in your country.

  1. Offers

There are two types of offer- free and paid offers. It is easy to determine them. A free offer does not have a “$” icon beside the amount while the paid offers contain the icon.

Paid Offer:

Paid offers

Free Offer:

Free offers

This is where members make more profit for individuals who love to purchase stuff in the internet. For example, one of the paid offers that the tab has is for an online game at $10. The regular rate of that same online game is $60 if bought outside. This means that they were able to save $50.00 and also earn from it.

  1. Top Surveys

In order to see the top surveys that are available for you, you will have to take a survey to further qualify you. It is pretty much like your surveys tab only that when you qualify for these surveys, you get a higher pay.

  1. Referrals

There are three ways for you to refer people and get points/ payment. It is through referral URL, inviting friends, and blogging about CashCrate. For every referral, you get a 20% commission of what that person will make. And also you get a percentage of that person’s referral. There are certain levels that you can reach. The higher the level, the higher the percentage.

  1. Videos and More

Well. You get paid for watching a video. Free videos will usually pay you $0/75. You will have to check daily because items are updated in a daily basis.

  1. Bonus Survey

This is where you can find surveys from third-party companies.

  1. Bonus Offers

Offers from third-party companies can also be found under this tab.

  1. Shopping

This tab has items that you can purchase. This works like online shopping. It may contain items that you plan on buying somewhere, but here you get a certain amount back.

Does It Pay Off? Is CashCrate Legit? Or is it a CashCrate Scam?

There is no scam. CashCrate is legit. Though there are complaints on members not getting their checks because of some reasons, but they do send you your checks.

Payments can be as low as $.01 to $20 per activity. It depends on what you are qualified to get. The average earning in CashCrate is $3.50 per hour.

Once your total amount reaches $20, you will then have an option for it to be sent out. They send out the payments on the 15th of every month and it may take a maximum of 15 days for you to receive it. It depends on your location.

Going back to the complaints, there has been several instances of individuals not getting their checks. CashCrate hires a third-party company to send the checks out to its’ members. This means that it will take time for such issues to be resolved because they will have to get in touch with this company first. A member can contact CashCrate through email found in the Support link.

Also, one of the reasons why they have gotten an F in BBB is because they failed to respond to the complaints that have been reported. I have observed a pattern, though. I observed that 5 years ago their BBB rating was at an A. This is because they were prompt in responding to the complaints. Now they have gone down to an F.

Can it be because of lack of strong leadership? Or can it be because they decided to not respond to those kinds of complaint anymore? Only CashCrate will be able to answer that question.

Final Take and Our Verdict

CashCrate is not something that you can do as a full time job. Though the tasks are very easy, the amount you get paid can are not really that high. Plus it depends on your location. Take note that if you live outside US and Canada, the surveys, offers, videos are limited. You can still make money though- through referrals. But if referral is something you cringe on, then you can take this option out.

You can do CashCrate as an option to add to your income. If you have a full time job this is something that you can do on the side. An additional $80- $150 isn’t that bad. Also you have to consider the status of the company. If this is your sole source of income, it can just one day go down.

So what is our final word? It is recommended as a part-time job but not full-time.

Also, I do not like the idea that there are no strong leaders behind the company. It may still be existing now, but until when?


There are so many ways where you can earn online. You just have to make sure that you are strategic and cautious to what kind of jobs you will be getting. Together with that, you should also be ready to take the risks that come with it.

Unlike having jobs in the field that has definite contracts, online jobs do not really have that. So if you do decide to take on some jobs, make sure that you have a back-up plan readily available.

As we finish this review, we hope that we were able to shed some light and clear out confusions that you had initially. And always make sure to check out the reviews.

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  1. I invested $1000 in sharing the traffic and the company lasted a month leaving me out of pocket. Not happy is there anything i can do to try get my money back. I paid via payza can payza try get my money back?

    1. If you invested using Payza within the last 45 days, you can dispute the transaction. You might get back a portion of your loss from payza. But no guarantees. It depends on the total number of disputes and the cash left in SharingTheTraffic’s payza account.

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