OMG Machines Review 2017 – Another Shiny Course?

Review of OMG Machines by One Man GangTo get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep.

Sounds crazy right?

Hell, yes!

Many of us wanted to earn money without so much effort to be done. We all wanted to be rich so we will not become poor again. We all know how it feels!

Today, people are going crazy over becoming wealthy instantly. Now, I’ll give you a review of an online training course called OMG Machines. Reading this review, you can understand that the training course promises to make all people wealthy in just a blink of an eye!

Let’s check out their company, their services on 2017, and their assurance to make their subscribers earn a spot in the circle
of millionaires. Let us all take a look at the OMG Machines review to know whether its scam or legit. 

OMG Machines Review: Company Overview

First of all, OMG does not mean Oh My God!

It means “One Man Gang” since the business started with one man only named Greg Morrison, to run the operations in 2012. No wonder many consider it as Greg Morrison internet marketing course. 

Pretty clever for a company name, right? So effortless.

Over the years, few entrepreneurs, marketing experts, and big names in the entertainment industry joined Morrison’s cause. Indeed, birds of the same feather flock together.

Since the company is now up and running, they have expanded their services from search engine optimization (SEO) and to offering training courses online. Greg Morrison internet marketing course offers packages to interested netizens. It includes videos, tools, and guides on how to earn in several platforms.

And just like all internet scams, their company promises that each entrepreneur can boost their businesses in a short period. But does that prove it’s a scam? No!

Let’s unleash everything one by one on this review of OMG Machines 2017.

Everything comes with a Price Tag

Everything comes with a price at OMG Machines.

For example, if you’re just an onlooker; you might think that you can just check the free section at their website and laugh at others because you are learning without even paying. But it’s not anywhere near to being free. (You know what I’m saying).

These are all sugar coated videos which give us a glimpse of what their packages are. These are about Squidoo, Local Gold Mine (earning in Local marketing), affiliate profits, Sites optimized for mobile gadgets, tips on selling your products and services, conversions and Super webby (a sales pitch of David Mills and Greg Morrison) and selling on Amazon.

You’ll never learn a thing in here. It will just consume you and make you buy their ultimate package which is priced at $7999. 

First Blood: $45 and $99 package

OMG’s first tactic is to charge you of $45 for the following:

  1. Videos
  2. MP3s
  3. PDFs
  4. Squidoo tool-a revenue sharing article-writing site (Squidoo merged their platform to an another revsharing site, HubSpot. Unlike Squidoo, HubSpot has strict content moderation and needs at least 700 words in each article along with good grammar. Also, there are restrictions for affiliate links in HubSpot.)

The first package will enable you to build a profile at their site and customize it anytime. It will then teach you techniques on how to sell your products at Amazon and earn commission on it. It will also guide you on how to gain traffic using Search Engine Optimization(SEO).  SEO includes all kind of tricks and tactics to make an article or website to rank high when someone searches some terms related to the content in the website/article. 

So is OMG machines a scam?

They do provide some value and it’s not full of shit as many reviews say. But all of their SEO tactics are not good enough for 2017. So, if you follow them fully, you probably will have a hard time in ranking articles. 

Videos contain several testimonies of their founders and secrets on how to be the topmost agent.  I tell you what; these testimonies are repetitive and there’s actually nothing new about it. Every course has that, either paid or natural. Many tend to compare the testimonials of OMG with the kind of testimonials which anyone can buy from Fiverr for mere $5. 

You might or might not want to drop your $45 and ran away from OMG Machines. But this is not easy. Of course, they will never let go of you! By all means, they’ll persuade you to buy package number two. 

Package number two also contains MP3s, PDFs and a software called “Magic Submitter”. The second package costs $99. Unlike the first one, the second package teaches you how to build websites and be ranked on top at Google. Apparently, many people want this package because the course makes them believe that they will be earning BIG TIME! Actually, with good SEO and basic WordPress set up, you can really earn good money by having a site with traffic. But the question is whether what OMG tells works? 

The first two packages are actually designed to sell you more. Of course, they will do all their best, so you’ll sign up with their $7,999 training course which is the ‘No-Hold Barred System.’ Since you didn’t want to miss the chance to view more than just testimonies of their top earners, you’ll be forced to buy their premium package. This is a lot of waste of money because you can learn internet marketing even without spending a penny, if you know what to search on Google.

And, there is no refund once you paid. Not so cool, right?

Magic Submitter’s Negative Effect

Now, here’s one shocking news: OMG is teaching its subscribers to use an article spinner and this isn’t good because it can actually affect the rankings in Google.  They are using ‘Magic Submitter’ to take your original article and spinMagic Submitter it into hundreds or thousands of different articles. Unlucky for them, Google can detect spun articles now. So when you get caught doing so, you will be punished for your actions by Google and your website will be pushed to the last pages of Google that no one visits.  

And ‘Magic Submitter’ is nothing new. Spinning softwares are popular for a long time even though its usage these days is very minimal. Such articles are only good to be used in Tier 3 link building. Instead, OMG Machines is telling you to use it for Tier 1.

Sites with spun articles are so ‘2010 SEO’ and you know what, every SEO tactics gets beaten by Google in the course of time and spun articles are something that is already covered by Google in their ranking algorithm.

For websites to rank in Google, high-quality backlinks help significantly. What Magic Submitter does is that it spins your main articles to hundreds of ‘unique’ articles and submit to other websites, thus creating hundreds of backlinks to your site.

In reality, a lot of the backlinks won’t help you, because they are coming from low-quality sites that aren’t related to your niche. Thus, don’t go for OMG Machine’s Magic Submitter based SEO method as it will bring you more trouble than helping you earn a 6 figure amount.

What’s the Alternative?

There are around fourteen videos included in the second package and these are all basic videos which would help only complete newbies. They are charging too much for the videos but in fact, you can actually search such videos in other platforms FOR FREE. It’s just the basics; no more, no less.

Believe me, on that. I am someone who deals with SEO as I have been doing the same stuff for over 3 years. Never have I purchased any such overpriced courses. You have the entire internet to learn for free. Where do you think the creators learned these?

You can search keywords such as blogging, SEO, link building, content writing on Google. There are many internet marketing forums such as Black Hat World, Warrior Forum, and websites sucGoogle ith as Shout Me Loud, Moz, Backlinko e.t.c. I used to spend 2-3 hours per day on Black Hat World Forum for about 6 months when I started out. It helped a lot and gave me a lot of information that these overpriced courses don’t.

Also, you have to understand that almost 95% of the people fail to make even $1 online. These courses won’t tell you that there is a higher probability of you ending up in that 95%. If you try your best and doesn’t quit in the first 12 months, you will end up being on that 5%, just like many of us. 

And now I can see your eyes rolling!

Let’s admit it. OMG can be persuasive. They’ll force you to buy their packages. Since you want to become rich and you have this feeling that if you didn’t buy the third package; you’ll lose a chance of becoming wealthy forever, you’ll be required to buy “The No Holds Barred System” or NHBS. 

This is F****ing crazy!

Review of ‘The No Hold Barred System’

The No Holds barred and coaching system will cost you the following:

  • One-time payment of $7,999 ( It was $6999 in 2015 and $4999 in 2014)
  • Sixteen monthly payments of $499 each. 

As a fact, you can purchase $500+ monthly income websites from marketplaces like Flippa for $8000. So save that cash, learn basic stuff from the internet and buy an established WordPress website when you think you know the basic things. As long as you can access, every single information that you would find on the overpriced course will be accessible to you for FREE.

It would have been fine if it was priced within $500 and that’s a fair pricing whatever be the kind of information inside it. But $7999, you must be kidding!

This system of OMG Machines promises that subscribers can get access to the Facebook group and can have a chat with the top earners and the management whenever they have questions, during office hours. Also, subscribing to the system let you have an opportunity to be coached and supported by Greg Morrison via Skype and private messaging through his email. 

They promise that this kind of support system is something special because you’ll be guided personally by the best coaches at OMG Machines.

Well, hello! There is really no personal help from OMG Machines. You cannot see any tips or any inspiration on their precious Facebook group. Anyway, here are a few good FB internet marketing groups which I am part of.

Also, OMG’s top earners’ replies are automated and there is no really personal touch. Their support system is not efficient and effective.

OMG Machines is founded on getting rich quick mentality and this is a bad training for real businessmen. OMG is very proud of their system that includes the following:

  1. Lessons on how to set-up your website, choose your niche, and how to find keywords (Nothing special than what you find by Googling)
  2. Lessons in SEO and a back linking strategy blueprint. Training on how to spin articles is included too in the $7,999 package (As said earlier, their SEO strategy is not fully compatible for 2017)
  3. Lessons on Domination sites, Web 2.0 posting, feeder sites, and Google authorship (The importance of web 2.0, feeder sites are all decreasing with Google’s algorithm getting strong. As said earlier, the course is from 2012 and it still has many shades of that)
  4. Lessons on how to start getting conversions
  5. Lessons on how to build a private blogging network and how to flip domains for big profits (Black hat SEO, but still pretty effective, I should say. But a lot of information is available for free on the internet if you know how to search)

What’s special in this set-up? Not much. But is it all bad? No, it isn’t. The price just doesn’t suit it. 

Lastly, you cannot get your money to be refunded at OMG Machines once you decided to quit whatever your reason be. You cannot also file a legal action against them because they made it clear upon registration that all payments are non-refundable. Although you might find the videos unjustly priced, but sorry honey, there’s no reimbursement for it. So once you have signed up, that will be a goodbye to your $7,999! Ouch, right?

In addition, the results are inflated! The majority of their testimonials looks fake. You might want to rethink about joining this because the pricing looks like OMG Machines is a scam! 

OMG Machine’s Epic Fail

If you don’t know yet, OMG Machine’s official website is which was registered on 23/7/2012. No matter how small a company is, if you search a branded company’s name on Google, its own website would be shown as the first result. Here we are talking about an SEO course provider who teaches others on how to rank on Google. Ironically, their own official website is ranked at number 6 when you search ‘OMG Machines’. There is nothing more shameful for an SEO company than not getting ranked well for their own brand term search.

Can You Get Rich By OMG Machines?

In short, OMG Machines tries to give false hopes to the dreamers who wanted to become rich overnight. Such business models always get tagged as scams and they really are. 

OMG talks about their members touching $5k per month within the first 30 days. I never knew anyone in my 3 years long internet marketing who reaches $5k monthly through SEO in just 30 days. In fact, Google takes at least 6 months to show new websites on the first page unless extensive link building is done which isn’t the case with what is being taught at OMG system.

Talking about their webinars on YouTube, they are not at all informative. It acts as a sales tunnel and it screams of scam. It generally provides hype but with only 10% value. It begins with the company’s history, about how they have succeeded from being rags to riches and gave you only a brief and vague strategy they used to make money. And it just so happens that it is only the part of the whole thing that you paid for. Then they will follow up by telling you that they will teach you the same thing, well, in fact, they wouldn’t.

You can learn some new things there, though. But only if you are a complete newbie. Do you know, what SEO is, what keyword research is, what WordPress websites are, what affiliate marketing is? If you have basic knowledge about these, you would be absolutely disappointed if you join. The hype can only last for few days and you’ll realize soon that there is nothing real in your decision to join OMG Machines.

If you are a complete newbie who hasn’t even heard many of these names before, you surely can learn something from the course. But is it worth $7999? Hell, no!

OMG Machine Coaches And Owners

Mike Long or OMG Mike is one of the coowners of the system. If an SEO marketer sees any of Mike Long’s internet marketing videos based on SEO, it won’t take more than a few minutes to conclude that Mike isn’t updated in terms of SEO. He still points his members to buy $5 Fiverr packages which provide cheap and low-quality backlinks. The Magic Submitter is owned by Mike which even caused the closure of Squidoo due to the kind of negative SEO it received due to OMG Machines system’s method. He or the course says nothing about guest posting or outreach techniques which are what Mike Long of OMG Machine systemmany are focusing on 2017’s SEO. Even on the black hat SEO stuff, Mike is still a few years back.

But it’s understandable as Mike could have stopped following SEO news and websites when his OMG Machine system went popular.

You can see Mike on his new Lamborgini. How do you think Mike earns all these? Yes, you guessed that right. The $7999 packages! Who would continue learning when they already have found their gold mine? The Alexa rank of is 46,000 which implies that the site is pretty popular which also means that it’s very profitable for the owners.

Their celebrity endorsers and top earners are making it appear to be authentic but in fact, this is just part of the act to intensify the mass hysteria. They will go through a checklist of things you can get from buying their program. And more often, there is an ‘act now’ or a discount to keep you grounded. Many of those are lies, but not all are.

Let’s have a close look at the Amazon seller and a coach in OMG Machines, Liz Herrera or Elizabeth Herrera. She was projected to be earning $500k per month by Mike on a video. Well, the stats could be inflated by the owner which makes sense. But that doesn’t mean that Liz Herrera is full of lies. I took some time researching her. But what I found is on the lines of what she actually tells.

She is the amazon expert on OMG and is seen on many company events. She started selling on Amazon on 2013 and has been successful in it. While researching about her, I ended up on Liz Herrera Amazon seller account which has got about 750 seller feedbacks until today. So, Liz Herrera may know what to do to be a successful Amazon seller. But what matters is how much Liz is willing to reveal. None of her videos on YouTube provide any kind of useful information. But does it worth paying $7999 for her little tips? No! You can search on the internet to know about Amazon FBA or Dropshipping which is what majority of Amazon sellers do.

The price is the barrier here. If you invest $8k for just a course which has a lot of incorrect information along with some good ones, you are going to end up with a messy ROI.

There are lots of good webinars available on the internet that does not offer any sell-ups. Just research it.


As a conclusion of our review on OMG Machines, it’s not your best solution to become rich! I know that you wanted to make all your dreams a reality but there are lots of things you can do other than joining a ‘near to scam’ that promises you the moon and the stars!

Try to improve yourself and work hard on your business. Study fundamentals of your business and the ins and outs of it. Remember: everything comes with a process and there is no shortcut from it. You’ll be able to earn millions of dollars too! Just do the right thing this time. 

Learn things and don’t try shortcuts to achieve your dreams. The internet is full of information and that’s where you should dig.

SEO and website building is so powerful and profitable. They are people making even $50,000 per month, for real.

Invest on something realistic and try to build a network of trusted people. A linkage of respectable and trustworthy individuals are better than profiles of people which you have only seen at Facebook group.

Finally, putting down OMG Machines’ offer of success is not the end of the world rather it is just a beginning! Find the real meaning of your success and never lose hope for that dream!

If you have found our OMG Machines review helpful, we are glad! If not, good luck purchasing the product and finding things yourself.

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  1. Excellent review. Around 3-4 years ago, I tried OMG myself on a monthly payment plan (it was around $460 / month for a year then). I soon realised that many of the videos were very long, rambling discussions on how some of the OMG people had been successful – it was a real pain dredging for valuable information. In addition, there seemed to be no structure to the whole learning experience. Anyway, without rancour, I cancelled the payments. Mike then contacted me and we had a pleasant chat – he was very polite and accommodating. However, I did not resume membership as I was not satisfied, but I did not ask for a refund either (which I think I could have done as I was paying via PayPal). I still have nothing bad to say about the experience – I felt that they were really doing their best but I required far more structure and goal orientation in any training course.
    I’ve kept my eye on them since then out of interest and have noticed that when I was there, it was a ‘lifetime membership’ whereas now, a fee is required for the annual updates, albeit at 75% off for existing members- but that’s still thousands of dollars!
    Since that time I’ve done excellent training with gurus such as Andrew Hansen and Aiden Booth and Steve Clayton – and never regretted a cent I spent with them (and they are not cheap!) because they deliver properly defined, innovative and structured professional programs with money-back guarantees. That’s how I learned my craft.
    I don’t understand how ANYONE can ask for $8,000 with a no-refund policy! – It’s bloody madness!
    To finish, I must also state clearly that OMG may have improved since then – they have a very strong group of followers and if it was a scam, they would have closed by now – so they are legitimate, surely. I also felt they were open and honest with me and no one can say that they are not warned about the no-refund policy – it’s made VERY clear to those who sign up.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Kaith. This is almost all that I implied the review itself. Anyone and everyone can introduce their courses. But not with full of fake promises. Even if you do fake promises, don’t freak out like OMG owners when any of your clients find out that they paid for a less quality item 🙂

    2. So they let you out of your payment plan? And were not rude about it? I have seen some nasty comments about other people that tried to do it.

  2. Thanks for your Review, I shall NOT be going OMG 🙂

  3. They burt me real bad as a newbie to internet wealth creation , in the back of my mind always rings ” class action law suit ” , how many others got burt but are not talking ?

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