Digital Altitude Review – Another Shitty Course?

Oftentimes, while at work trying to finish the much-needed financial report or just simply waiting the hour out until the next break or the next time off from work, we always fantasize about the day when we would all be working from home, or just get paid while sleeping. Digital Altitude Admit it, we’ve thought about that at least once in our lifetime.

Fret not, it’s normal.

Anyway, going back to sleeping while getting paid, and so we get to go online and look for ways to earn as much as we want to with as little effort as possible.

Usually, the answer is putting up your own business. It could be as lucrative as an outsourcing firm or a convenience store or whatever, or it could be putting up your online shop, do the works yourself, and earning lots in return with as little operating cost as possible.

Well, that’s tempting, but how do you start? How do you determine which is step 1 towards your goal of putting up your own online shop, for example?

And so here come training programs. There are numerous training modules online. Some are free while some come for a hefty fee.

In comes Digital Altitude, an online training program that teaches you how to start your business in the digital world. Not only does it tell you how to start, it claims to hold your hand, make the business big together, and conquer the world.

But wait! Don’t get too excited.

How about we look into the company for a while? If after reading this review, you’d still go for the Digital Altitude courses, then go ahead.

But first, read on…

What is Digital Altitude?

As I’ve already mentioned, Digital Altitude is a company that offers courses that teaches you, assists you, and guides you in making it big. Digital Altitude was founded by Michael Force, a former member of the US Marine who, according to their website, is a leading digital business expert. He has trained thousands all over the world and built his first multi-million dollar business at 27.

And as for the company itself, it promises to be lucrative, as long as you do your job well; your job meaning you learn from their courses and you put what you learned into action.

Another way to earn aside from practicing what you’ve learned from Digital Altitude is to also invite people to join the team. Commissions can be from a few dollars or so to as much as $12,000, which is, for me, way, way higher than any other job out there. So, not only will you be learning how to build your online business from scratch up, you would also be given the opportunity to market Digital Altitude, and earn something in return.

I know this is something that’s too tempting but just read on. I will be discussing more on the compensation plan later on.

Digital Altitude – What They Bring to the Table

Digital Altitude (DA), as I continuously mention, offers courses on how to make it big with an online business. So, there is no actual product in here that gets delivered to your doorstep. Instead, they come in soft copies of modules, training sessions, Skype sessions with your coach, some retreats good for two to Vegas or some other place, or an online video.

Interested to see the products? Here goes…

First off, you’d be offered a very low trial fee of $1 just to give you a taste of how it is with Digital Altitude. There’d be steps for you to take and may even interact with a coach but as soon as you’ve finished with the steps, you’d be offered courses where you’d be paying $37 (or $67 or $127) per month, depending on your preference.

And while most would seem to be satisfied with the $1-trial period, some feedbacks claim that most of the things that are discussed in the $1-trial stage can actually just be accessed online for free.

To continue, once you’re done with the $1-trial period, you would be given an option to choose among these three – Aspire Walker, Aspire Hiker, or Aspire Climber – all of which would cost you anywhere from $37 to $127 monthly.

Let’s take a look at the Digital Altitude Aspire review below.

So, Aspire is the basic part of the training program. It comes in three kinds – one is for $37 per month while the other costs $67. The difference between the two, Aspire Hiker which costs $67 per month has more courses than Aspire Walker, which costs $37. But looking at both Aspires, the lessons are very basic; somehow like an introductory phase of the program, sort of like the welcome part of everything that’s in store for you.

So, it contains more than 60 hours of training videos that will guide you through the simple start-up steps. This would already include steps how to set up and promote your business. There’s also a topic on profit margins, plus, you get access to some of, according to them, the best coaches in the world who will be able to guide you, hold your hand, as you go up and realize your dream of getting your business up and about.

Once you’ve subscribed to DA’s Aspire as a start, you’d be brought to a start-up page, watch a lot of introductory videos, and lots more of other videos about how it worked for them. As for the gist of the whole thing, there’s just a few. I don’t think you’d learn something here that you’d not learn from anywhere cheaper (or free). But then again, the videos may just be there to inspire and let you aspire for more? You be the judge.

The third Aspire is the Aspire Climber which costs $127 per month. So, if the Hiker has more modules than the Walker, it is safe to assume that the Climber, which is the most expensive amongst the Aspires, is the winner of them all, containing the most number of modules than the rest of the Aspires.

Anyway, as soon as you’re done with Aspire, you’d be offered by your coach an upsell, meaning it would be the next stage of the program at a much higher price.

The Base, which is the next step up, costs $597. It’s basically more on how to set up websites and your business goals. There’d be talk about finances and building your brand online. Sort of like, how would you want people to perceive your business online?

So, it would cost you $597 to get this package; and this part of the program is divided into three parts – the preparatory part, the launching part, and the part where you are taught how to grow your business. The preparatory part is mostly as the word itself says, preparatory. It delves mostly on listing your goals, building your brand, being introduced to banking and finances, and on how to get traffic online.

The launching of the business part covers the 5 tasks that every businessman must do before and when launching a business, website analytics, a topic on social media, and something that discusses how to make customers buy.

The growing-your-business part is all about how to maintain your business, how to make it as lucrative as possible, and hold your breath, how to earn even while sleeping. Yes! That’s actually Module No. 12 which would teach you how to build automated systems that would pay you while you sleep! This is a dream come true, you guys!

Third on our list is the Digital Altitude Rise. So, from aspiring, you went to the base and now you are starting to rise.

In this part of the program, there are 12 modules, divided into three – Commit, Customer, and Create.

The first part of Rise,” Commit”, is aimed to prepare your mind and the route your business is taking so it ends up with success. That’s how the website puts it. It has modules that include discussions like how to steer the market’s irrationality to your advantage and a lot more.

The second section of this program is “Customer” which is more like knowing your customers, knowing their needs and their wants, and basically satisfying them, leading to more sales and more loyal customers. As per the website, the second section aims to let you “to get into your customer’s minds”.

And the third part is “Create” which is more on creating that brand name, and that brand that almost always would make your customers hungry for your products and services. Naturally, as you already mastered section 2 which is more like knowing what customers need and want, you’d give it to them on this third part. As for the cost, it would be $1,997. Yes, this is a one-time payment, and yes, you pay that much!

Again, there is nothing here that a business school (and/or reading) can’t give (at a much lesser price). But, at the same time, it needs to be said that business schools discuss more about offline business and principles and Digital Altitude is more about websites and online businesses. 

The next three parts of the program are mostly traveling somewhere and expanding your network and listening to those who made it big in the business.

There’s Ascend, Peak, and Apex, all of which would cost you $9,997, $16,997, and $27,997 respectively.

These three programs require you to travel to some other place like Vegas, usually for two, covering different topics related to the online business ranging from how to scale traffic to how to build your own organization to even legal matters. The difference between each of these programs would mostly be on the number of days you’ll be out and the number of topics that are discussed (of course, the longer you’re in the retreat, the more topics there are to discuss, and the more expensive the fee).

And in case you may be wondering, Ascend is a retreat for two people good for two days, Peak is for two people good for five days and Apex is good for two people for seven days.

So, there! That’s quite a hefty price to pay for modules and training. It actually makes me wonder who would ever go to such extent as paying that much when you can just go online and get it for free. And if free is something you don’t want, there would always be online courses that are relatively cheaper than this. Or you can go to business school. Whatever the case may be, there’s just one thing I cannot understand with DA, it’s too pricey for my taste. I don’t know about you.

The higher plans would only be suitable for you if you already have a working online business model and you are trying to make it better.

Anyway, I mentioned earlier about not just learning but earning with DA. Below is a discussion of how you can also earn and get that invested money back.

The Digital Altitude Compensation Plan

Just like all other MLM (multi-level marketing) companies, Digital Altitude has their own compensation plans, with recruiting being the major way for you to earn. To make the story short, you recruit somebody to get into the program; you get a percentage of the price your recruit has paid.

You can find the summarized compensation plan here:


Compensation Plan


40% for $37 over 1 tier or 60% for the $67 over three tiers.


60% payment over three tiers


60% commission over three tiers. This would most likely be around $1,200


60% commission over three tiers. Most likely, per sale would give you around $6,000.


60% commission over three tiers. This can give you $10,000++ per sale.


60% commission over three tiers. This could result in more than $15,000 earnings

That’s a lot of money!

And I think that’s a lot of hard work as well. Considering the price that your recruits would have to pay for each sale, I’m sure it would take a lot more convincing for them to join the DA team; unless you have absolutely rich friends who would throw away money on any day.

The best way to recruit is if you’re already successful. If you build a website that has traffic, you can easily make money and you can get your friends signed up.

By the way, before I forget, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind. It is that you have to be on the level that you are promoting because if you are not and somebody paid for that level, the commission goes to the person above you, your sponsor… or recruiter… whatever you call them.

For example, you are just at the Base Level and you recruited somebody who is already in the Ascend Level. The commission for this sale will go to the person above you because you still need two levels lower than that of your recruit.

Is Digital Altitude a Scam?

Now, this is a very common question.

I have always been asked numerous times about whether DA is a scam or a pyramid scheme or a legit kind of business.

I think because DA’s products are not the usual type of product that gets delivered door to door, that people really see and use, people always think that Digital Altitude scams them into parting away with their hard-earned cash without getting anything in return.

Let’s be clear here, guys. DA is not an outright scam.

This is because DA has a digital product to sell. It may be outrageously pricey but they have a product. It may just be a question of whether it works or not but they have something to sell.

Numerous claims have said it worked for them. There are also others who said it didn’t, or that it won’t. But there’s a product. And they’re absolutely a legit kind of business; just pricey.

If you are looking for an opinion, I would tell you to try signing up for $1 and see what they offer.

Personally, I won’t spend much for a digital course, especially an online course about online businesses. Being someone who does just that, I am sure there are a lot of information available for free and I’ve never bought a digital course my entire life. Still, I earn way more than any of my friends do, just from online sources.

What Do I Think About Digital Altitude?

And what do I think about DA?

I think it’s borderline legit. Complete trash if you think only of the prices as those are absurd for the value it provides. But we have a short name for that, “over price”. 

And while they’re legit and legal, I just want to repeat that the training program is priced just too high for my taste. I mean, you can always go for much cheaper options, like just search the internet or you can also get yourself enrolled in a business school or even just a business course.

You see, the world is teeming with training programs and modules and all that stuff which can actually help you build your business from scratch. You don’t have to go for some super expensive training program just to build a business. Some courses are even free online.

Anyway, before I end this review, let me just say this – one business is different from another. Business No. 1 may have different needs from that of Business No. 2. And by that, each and every business has a different story as to how they were put up and on how they were grown. Believing that one training program can be applied to any kind of business when starting up is just absurd unless the training program has lessons that are generalized and not very specific.

And if this is the case, of generalized and not specific lessons, you can just find them online for free.

No need to spend that much.

Believe me when I say that. You are hearing from a guy who is living off his income from blogging and other internet businesses.

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