Matilda Jane Clothing Review – For Your Cute Babies?

Isn’t she the most adorable child that you have ever seen?

Curly hair, cute smile, wide-eyed. And she is twirling like there is no tomorrow.

But honestly…

It wasn’t her hair or smile or eyes that you first noticed. It was that colorful and “ruffles-ful” outfit that she is wearing.

So you looked closely.Matilda Jane Clothing Logo

And it says…


Huh? Where? What? How? And the questions continue to pour.

And isn’t it just timely that you have landed in this Matilda Jane review. If you search the internet for a review of Matilda Jane, you will see tons of them offering a discount voucher at the end of their review. This is not one of them.

In this review, we are going to give you all the pieces of information that you will need to know about the Matilda Jane clothing. We are going to cover the basics from the what, the who, the where, the how, and then finally our recommendation. You may have gotten into this review simply because you are curious about those cute little dresses or you may have considered the business side of it. Either way, we are going to give you what you came here for.

Alright. Let’s start twirling and start seeing Matilda Jane beyond its colors and ruffles, as we start out Matilda Jane review.

The What: What is Matilda Jane?

Matilda Jane Clothing is a company dedicated to create the most colorful (the most colorful website too) and most adorable dresses and clothes for little girls. They, initially, created and marketed products for little girls, so they can keep looking and feeling like little girls should do. Then, eventually, they made clothes for women.

They are an “unpredictable clothing company.”

The company was founded in 2005 by Denise DeMarchis. Denise has a very interesting story that leads her into opening the company. We will talk more about her in the next section.

Matilda Jane clothing is more than just selling clothes. Aside from the unique clothing line that they have, the company’s business model is also one thing that brought attention towards it. It is an MLM. This means that their products are not something that you can buy off the rack of some fancy boutique shops. They are exclusively sold by what they call “trunk keeper.” Later, as well, we are going to delve more about it and the Matilda Jane trunk keeper cost.

And if you reside outside the United States or Canada, heartbreaking as it may seem, but these products are not easily available in other countries unless you ship it from the US. You would need to contact your trunk keeper for more information and all duty fees have to be paid by yourself. 

The company is not BBB accredited. However, it received an A+ rating. It had two complaints that were already closed out. These complaints were on the glitches of the products and both have gotten their refund.

The Who: Who is Denise DeMarchis?

“If you don’t love it, don’t do it.”

Denise DeMarchisThese were the words that Denise DeMarchis live by. If you check their website out and check their clothing, there is something that sets it apart. It’s very personal. Denise never planned on starting a company. She started her career by working in Kentucky Fried Chicken to a sales representative in Coca Cola to a manager at St. Claire’s mall. At 24, she got into the art of fair circuit. For twelve years, she would travel the Midwest to sell painted furniture. It was just one event that changed her life forever- a friend asked help from her to help her seamstress look for a job.

Together with her husband- David, they also founded Mighty Acorn Foundation in 2012. The company is now based is Kitale, Kenya.

In 2013, Denise was diagnosed of Ovarian Cancer. Two years after, June 2015, she passed away at the age of 41.

Who Runs It Now?

Upon the death of its owner and founder, the next question on the business aspect is who is going to assume the CEO position. With the rate of how Matilda Jane is growing, it is imperative that the company would have already chosen a replacement.

I have checked their website, but have not found anything. So I decided to dig deeper.

I came upon the company’s profile in Bloomberg. It states that the company has no identified executives but has board members under it. These board members are John Aplin Ph.D and Steve Cobb. The first question I asked was “Why are there no women board members?” I mean, the company was founded by a woman and most seller if not all are women, so why pick men board members? (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being gender sensitive here.) Both board members have CID Capital as their primary company.

CID Capital is a company that provides monetary capital for low to mid business. Matilda Jane partnered with the company. 

The What: What are their Products?

We have come to the most exciting part of this review- the product. Lemme tell you how crazy people (particularly moms) have become. Since Matilda Jane does not sell their products at retail stores and can only get it from trunk keepers, people would constantly check the seller’s online profile for new products. Not only that, the company only manufactures limited pieces for every design. This kind of strategy feeds more the hunger that Matilda Jane buyers have.

Their products have always been seen “different”. Some go gaga about the style. Others have a complete distaste of how ridiculously the clothes are designed. Regardless, the clothing gained popularity.

There facebook page is filled with moms commenting. Unlike the usual MLMs, the customers are really finding it difficult to find a good trunk load keeper from whom they can purchase cloth pieces from. Now, that’s a really good sign. The products have real customers unlike many of the other MLM companies that we see around.

Here are their sample products. They primarily created clothes for little girls, all the way from your toddlers to pre-schoolers to juniors.

Examples of matilda jane clothing products

The company continues to say that their clothes are something that your little girl can grow up with. Thus, they launched their line for teenagers.

Teenage matilda clothing pieces

Then they eventually made a clothing line for women.

Women wearing matilda jane clothes

These products’ price range is at $32 as a starting price for kids t-shirts and leggings. Girls dresses are priced at $40- $56. Women’s clothing is at $40-$70.

A few have opinions that these are overpriced. But it doesn’t make any dent in the popularity of the products.

The Where and How: Where and How can I Purchase the MJ Clothing Items?

If you want to order from Matilda Jane, you will have to get in touch with a trunk keeper for brand new items or you can check ebay for both new and second-hand dresses. Those are there ways by which you can get your hand into these clothes.

  1. Shop in person at a trunk show, or host your own show to receive free and half-price items.
  2. Contact your Trunk Keeper directly, and she can place your order for you.
  3. Order online through your Trunk Keeper’s new MJC website, and make sure to choose your Jane’s show at checkout.

What if you want to be a trunk keeper? Good question.

Here it is. If you want to be a trunk keeper and know the Matilda Jane trunk keeper cost, you will have to host a trunk show first. A trunk show is where you get to an invite your friends over and check out the items that you have for sale.

This is how a trunk show looks like.

Trunk keeper parties at matilda jane clothing - review

For the Matilda Jane trunk keeper cost and benefits, you can check this table below.

How much can trunk keeper make in matilda jane

To start, a trunk keeper must buy $3,500 worth of inventory two times in a year.

The How Much: How Much Compensation are we talking About?

Earlier in the review, we already identified that Matilda Jane is an MLM. That means that being an MLM allows its members to earn by direct selling and by recruitment. You can base your compensation on direct selling from the price range and the discount that you will get.

Their networking compensation, on the other hand, is nowhere to be found. The company does not have it anywhere. It can be seen as a good sign as they are not completely focusing on the compensation plan, but the quality and popularity of their products. 

The Warning

If you like what you have been reading, so far, that is good. But it is also our duty to show you the not-so-good side of the company. Aside from the few mentioned complaints on the quality of the clothing and credit card fraud, one of the major complaints is the allergies and rashes that children have experienced after allegedly wearing their item.

At the same time, such complaints are almost nonexistent and this report might be planted by a competitor which is quite usual in this industry. 

The Verdict

Matilda Jane Clothing is a feel good company. It offers products that generally make you smile. Then again you have to be watchful and consider these few things.

  • The lack of transparency on the MLM compensation plan.

This can actually be something good or bad. It is good because people are so sold out to their product that they just want to sell them. I did not find anything in the internet of someone ranting because of their compensation plan. This can also be bad because if you would like to take this business seriously, one would want to know first, of course, what they can offer and what they can get. At the same time, this makes no difference if you are just a customer. 

  • Hosting a trunk show as a requirement

This is a bit vague. So how does this work? You can purchase your first piece straight from MJC website and they will connect you with a trunk keeper near to you. If you are interested in making MJC a business, you can contact your trunk keeper and she will help you to organize your own trunk show where you can sell cloth pieces and you can even get a few clothes for free if you make a good number of sales in the show. 

  • The growing demand of the product

When an MLM company goes out, the first cry of most people is that it is a scam. On this company, it’s different. There have been very few claims of a scam because of the complaints but in general, there was none. The company did declare that they follow an MLM business model. People didn’t generally put much weight to it because their product is undeniably effective. It is selling like hotcakes. People can see that this company is earning and primarily because of the sales it is making.

  • The leadership and management

Every strong company is backed up by a strong and passionate leader. This is exactly who Denise was to the company. After she passed away, there was no clear and strong image of leadership behind Matilda Jane. Who is doing the executive work? Who is running the company? What is the vision of the company now? Do they plan to expand outside the borders of the US and Canada? To what heights would they like to take the company to? These are questions that would have been easily answered had there been a face behind Matilda Jane.

Matilda Jane is a legit business. It is not a scam. And one can make a business out of this. Of course, one still needs to apply the basic principles in making any business work- commitment, dedication, and hard work.

Concluding The Review of Matilda Jane Clothing

Generally, Matilda Jane is a good business, but it is not without loopholes.

One still needs to identify if what you can give is what the company requires in order for you to be successful in the business. Remember that if you join Matilda Jane, you will have to put money in it. Together with that is the expectation that you can earn from what you have invested. This means that in order for you to meet the said expectation, a good amount of work needs to be put in. It is not a fly-by-night company that offers quick money. One needs to have not only hard work but also passion. That is why this kind of business is a good fit for moms. Moms love to dress their little girls up plus they get to do their business at the comforts of their own homes. This means that they are able to take care of the little ones and earn, as well.

If you are just a customer who likes to buy the product is not at all interested in the business opportunity, you can purchase cloth pieces straight away from the MJC website or you can purchase from eBay or Amazon.

If you think this is for you, then go ahead. Take on the most colorful piece that you can get and start mix and matching clothes and customers.

Matilda Jane Return Policy

Matilda Jane refund polcies

If you are a customer, this is something you want to be sure of before proceeding to buy. Matilda offers a healthy refund policy for you.

We hope the Matilda Jane review has been helpful to you. If you want to know anything more, feel free to comment below.

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