Home Profit System Review – Oh, no, no no!

Imagine this. Legs stretched. Sipping Pina Colada while you are the Bahamas with a magnificent view of the beach. Cool sea breeze. While thousands of dollars are being deposited in to your bank account.

You can have this kind of life by simply paying $2.97. And another one-time fee of $139.95. Plus another monthly fee of $4.95 as maintenance fee.

And what do you need to do after? Absolutely nothing! Just give them the money and you get thousands of dollars in return.



Welcome to the world of Home Profit System where scamming people is a must and swindling money is the top priority. If you want to experience throwing your hard-earned money that you have toiled from 9-5 over a pit of nothingness and making someone rich but you, then by all means, go ahead and “try” this one out.

But, if you are like everyone else who values every penny that you get, then please read on because we are busting Home Profit System in this Home Profit System Review.

If you are wondering, “Is home profit system a scam?” Then don’t lift an eye off from this review.

The Real Deal

Because this is just outright ridiculous and hundreds if not thousands of people have already been at one point or the other considered this “opportunity”, we are going to do something different in this home profit system review.

In previous reviews, we usually hold out our recommendations until the very end. Scam or not, we like to give companies the benefit of the doubt. Then again, that is only for companies who are worth the doubt. This company is just blatantly heartless and cold.


Disadvantages: The whole system is a fraud. They will toy with your emotions by selling to you the kind of job that only exists in your dreams- the dream job of earning by little to not doing anything. They will rarely mention of the work that you will do. And to top it all, they will pressure you into giving your credit card information which they will of course milk money from. And well, you will end up with an endless list of your credit card bill and no legs-stretched-sipping-pina-colada-while-at-the-Bahamas moment for you.

The Verdict: Avoid this at all cost. Is home profit system a scam? YES.IT.IS. It is a scam with neon lights on it.

Angela Bussio and Phillip Gannuscia

Angela Bussio is the face of Home Profit System. She is also the face and spokesperson of many other companies such as home profit academy, homproacademy.com, mygurusystem.com, onlineprofitmastersystem.com, homeprofitmasters,com, and many other websites and companies that share the a similarity. All of the mentioned companies have one thing in common. They have in one way or the other been associated to a SCAM.

It brings us to the question. Who is Angela Bussio?

Home proffit owner

Angela Bussio is a woman of irony. Why did I say so? It baffles me how a woman with impeccable background and influence agrees to be the face and spokesperson of many companies that are scammy.

Let’s get to know her just a little bit, so you can see what I mean.

Angela Bussio is a graduate of Bachelor Science in Psychology from Brigham Young University. She hosts an internet-based radio show. She appears regularly on TV on a show called “Home Team”.

She is also a co-author, together with 33 other authors, of a best-selling book entitled “How Did You Do That: Stories of Going For It”

She is a life coach and a member of different organizations. She is a member of “Experts Industry Association” and the “Women’s Information Network”. She is the founder and CEO of “Attracting Joy, LLC”. This company has an A rating in BBB.

From the looks of it, she is a woman that actually has her act together. Now it brings us to the question why she would allow herself to be dragged into the schemes of these kinds of businesses. It will be understandable if she has done just one, but considering that she has consistently allowed herself to be the faces of many other scams will make us wonder of her intent.

Philip Gannuscia, whose picture does not appear anywhere in the internet, is the master scammer. It is said that Angela works with or for this guy. He authored multiple work-from-home businesses. One of which is the Home Profit System. Most of these businesses have received a lot of complaints because of how it has swindled and mislead its’ consumers. His name appeared in one of the articles of Federal Trade Commission- FTC Halts Multi-Million Dollar Work-From-Home Business Coaching Scheme.

So yes. Home Profit System is owned by someone who has earned a Ph.D in scamming people.

It then makes us go back to Angela Bussio. Why? Because in every “business opportunity” that Phillip Gannuscia opens, he changes the name of the testimonies and plays around with the name but has one thing consistent. You got that right. Angela Bussio remains to be the spokesperson.

It was then researched that Angela Bussio claimed that she is not getting any profit in being a spokesperson for these companies, but actually benefits from this partnership by getting traffic from these websites.

For such a trade, she was willing to bet her name and her reputation.

What is Home Profit System?

What is Home Profit System

Home Profit System from the name itself entices people by allowing them to be profitable and earn while they are at home. It provides them the system and the coaching needed to be able to be successful in this said business.

It sounds great, right? It does. This would have been the perfect job for moms or to anyone who would want to stay at home and earn at the same time, if it had been legit.

We are not saying that all other work-from-home businesses are not legit. There are actually many opportunities that an individual can choose from but not Home Profit System. And this is the whole point of this Home Profit System Review.

If you look Home Profit System up in Better Business Bureau, you will see this.

Home proffit system review

Take a closer look. Home Profit System is said to be out of business, and not BBB accredited. Also take a look at the customer review rating. 100% of all reviews marked the company as NEGATIVE.

There is also no official declaration of the company’s leaders except for this Jessica Blair listed in BBB as their company contact. I searched her elsewhere but couldn’t find further footprints of her being linked to Home Profit System. No LinkedIn. No social media accounts. Nothing.

Considering this, this alone is shady. And will make you question the legitimacy of the company.

How Does Their Marketing Strategy Look?

So how do they market? How do they show you this opportunity? Well. Most of it utilizes pop-up ads. You can also check out their website.

Home Profit System markets its product by stating that only for a few minutes each day, an individual can already earn $379 a day.

How? By simply posting affiliate links online.

Okay. Let’s take that first.

Do people really make money in posting links? And what is it about posting links? And why are people paid to post links? There is a simple equation for that.

More Links = More Votes = Higher Rank = More Visits = More Money

How does that go? Simple. Say you search for a topic in Google, you are most likely to open the page of the top three website links that appear on your search results. When you open their website, then it opens to different possibilities that you can do. You can comment on their blogs, share it, or even buy from them. This allows companies to profit.

But do you ever wonder how these websites are able to rank higher? In the article, How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking in Google, the number 1 way to increase your ranking is to increase the number of links pointing to your page. What I just did contributed to thesitewizard.com’s ranking because I linked an article to them. That is how link posting works.

Then again, link posting is already a dying industry because Google has already been so meticulous on the kind of links that are being posted. Unlike before, they didn’t really pay much attention to the quality of the links until they saw the trend. They conduct audits to verify the legitimacy of these links. There has already been several websites that were taken down because of fraudulent activities on posting nonsensical links.

Another thing to expect when you sign up for this kind of opportunity, you can expect to receive a call from one of their call center agents. The call depends on your location. Why do they call? This is so they can sell you more stuff and squeezing more money from you.

Looking closely on how they do their advertisements online. It seems to follow a pattern. We are going to reveal and expose that pattern here in our Home Profit System Review.

  1. It starts with a news report and showing logos of different TV channels.

First and foremost, they may or may have not been featured on TV. By featured on TV, they actually mean paid advertisement. They paid the TV channel, so they can air their advertisement out. Just like what other companies do. By showing the phrase “have been featured on”, it creates an impression that these TV channels endorse them. This is deception and it is bound to make you believe that they are legit and that they are supported by legit companies.

  1. It is then followed by a testimonial.

Of course. What better way to convince people but to show testimonials. We all know how easy it is to fabricate a testimonial. You can even pay just $5 to have someone create a testimonial for your company. Their testimonials are almost predictable. It always comes from a stay-at-home mom. The names also have a pattern. Mary Steadman, Mary Stevens, Kelly Nelson, Melissa Johnson, Kelly Richards. These names are just overrated.

  1. Limited slots available!

It will show you how many positions are available. Sometimes, it even shows you a timer. This has been done to add pressure and make you sign up quickly. Now. This is not true. Why? Because Home Profit System has been around since 2009.  It’s already 2017. If they only have limited slots, then it should have been filled by now. Not unless if the limited slots available means anyone and everyone who are willing to throw their money. Then I bet they have all the slots in the world to be filled in.

  1. Sign Up to see…

…if you qualify. Why can’t a person be qualified first before they sign up? What happens after they sign up and placed all their personal information and will be told after that they do not qualify?

If you observe this kind of pattern in an advertisement, make sure to run as fast and as far away as you can.

The Job and The Cost

This is the kind of “work” that Home Profit System would like to offer you. Your job is to post links. They did not explain how the job will be performed. Instead of focusing on the how, they wanted to entice you by showing you how much you can “possibly” get. Though, it will be explained through the DVDs that they will send you when you pay $2.97. For $2.97, you would already get your roadmap to success through the mail.

$2.97. What is $2.97? It’s worth a try. I mean $2.97 wouldn’t really cost so much damage.

Wait. There’s a caveat to it. Once you get the materials in the mail, if you enjoy the trial and would want to continue you will be billed a one-time fee of a whopping $139.95.

Hey. What if you do not enjoy? What if you didn’t like it? That’s the thing. They already have your credit card information. What will stop them from charging you that amount?

To top that, you will also be billed with $4.95. This is for the maintenance fee. I bet there is so much to maintain every month because it costs a lot. Again, as to the details of the “maintenance fee”, it remains to be seen.

And wait there is more. If you look closely in the fine print, you will be able to see that you only have three days to cancel your subscription from the time that you have signed up. Okay. Now. Here is the thing about this. Since the materials will be sent through the mail, we all know that it will take longer than 3 days for the items to be delivered and received.

So then, it is suffice to say that you have already enjoyed the materials and get charged $139.95 even before you get to check them out. It is imperative to say that you need to make that decision of not enjoying the trial before you get to see the DVDs and make a sound decision after.

You can always cancel your subscription completely. That’s a relief. Phew. But are you ready to complete an almost impossible task- asking for a refund? There has been so many complaints in the internet and most of them if not all did not get to have their money refunded.

Isn’t that just fantastic? I mean. That is one scheme that deserves a standing ovation. It is just a complete rip off.

The Copycats

Different circus. Same clowns.

If you happen to be on the lookout for work at home jobs, I bet you have already encountered Home Profit System and its’ family. Home Profit isn’t the only company of its’ kind. There are a LOT. There are different companies with different names but the same old scheme. And most likely came from one owner.

Home Profit System Review

Some of these companies that you need to be on look out for, as well are Work At Home EDU, Ultimate Home Profits, Work At Home Institute, Replace Your Job, and Excel Cash Flow. This list is just samples of other companies. There are actually so many other companies that has the same scheme and has the same purpose of scamming people.

What Can You Do?

If you have reached this part in our Home Profit System Review and you have already signed up. I bet you are worried now. Relax. There is hope. We are going to give you options on how you can go about it now that you have already signed up for it.

  1. Contact Home Profit System

Immediately call Home Profit system and ask them to have your subscriptions cancelled. Here is their contact number. (877) 863- 3088. You can call them to have the cancellation processed and request for a refund. But I should warn you that most people who requested refunds, didn’t get any.

  1. Call your bank and request to reverse the charge.

It is best to be in contact in your bank. Ask for a charge back to be processed. Explain to them your situation.

  1. When push comes to shove, cancel your credit card.

You called the contact number of Home Profit System, but you can’t get anyone in the line. Or you may have been able to talk to someone who is giving you a run-around. You may have already called your bank, but a charge back is not possible. Then here. You are left with no choice. Cancel your credit card. Cancelling your credit card is so much better than getting ridiculous charges that just won’t stop adding to your bill.

What Now?

A lot of people have already fallen victim to one of these schemes. If you haven’t, then don’t allow yourself to be fooled by such. Do not even put your contact number. I have found a complaint from one of those who tried to play around their system. He simply placed his phone number just to see what would happen. Well, he got 1-2 calls almost every day from different people offering him different things. It seemed to him that his phone number was sold to other companies.

The Final Verdict

Is home profit system a scam? Is the sky blue? Is home profit system a scam? Are roses red? Is home profit system a scam? Is the sun bright? Is home profit system a scam? YES. YES. And. Yes.

In this Home Profit System Review, we have already made known to you our stand on this company. And further along in the review, we have shown you pieces of evidence why you should never trust such schemes.

Home Profit System has been made to utilize the most powerful tool – the internet- in scamming people. In this system, all it takes is continued nudging, sufficient pressure on possible buyers, and enticing possibilities to push people to key in their credit card information. The moment you submit your credit card information is the same moment that you have started to dig your own grave. Again and again. It is best just to cancel your credit card.

Take caution. Forbes wrote an article on 16 Work-At-Home Scams To Avoid. You may want to check this one out before you make any decision on being part of anything.

Do your research before getting into anything. Check if that “opportunity” is legit. And if you doubt the credibility of that business or company, then you are right. Do not waste your time and money just to see what happens. You may end up making the biggest mistake


Every one of us would want to have a good life. Who wouldn’t want to get money by doing little to nothing at all? We all know, though, that this is not reality.

If a company or a business just presents to you the benefits and no corresponding action that is tied with it, then this is something that should make you doubt.

Work-at-home jobs and opportunities have many advantages and benefits; you just really need to be with the right company.

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