Everett Thompson Lotto Crusher System Review – Scam It Is!

What’s the fuzz all about? You know what it’s all about? It’s all about winning the BIG lottery.

If I tell you that you can win the lottery MONTHLY with an average winning $20,000 every month, will you be interested?

Monthly. Yes. You read that right. MONTHLY WINNING OF $20,000.

Lottery crusher review of the scam systemYou can get that for only $147.

Wait. What?!


For only $147 initial investment by buying the Lotto Crusher System, you can already have a lifetime winning of $20,000 every month.

Too good to be true? Is it legit? Is it a scam?

That is what we are going to find out in this Lotto Crusher System review. If you have already read many reviews and are currently looking to download the lotto crusher system formula PDF, you have that as well free of cost. Keep on reading.  

Who is Everett Thompson? What is his story? Let’s review him as well. 

Everett Thompson is the man behind this much talked about the system. We will be focusing on a 33-minute video that you can see at the top of their official website’s home page. So this is their primary sales video which describes the product and a few fake testimonials. Read along to read the detailed review on Thompson and his product. 

Well, wouldn’t you interested to know how to fabricate a perfect scam? It needs a script with a nice story line. They do have that.

Everett Thompson started his story by relaying how a gun pointed to his head changed his life. The culprit? A lottery store owner. He has been winning the lottery consistently that the owner was trying to squeeze the truth out of him. Then they continue to say that it was a good thing that a bunch of teenagers got inside the store in the nick of time-saving his life. He ran for his life.

First of all, the store owner should be happy for him winning as the owner himself will get a percentage of the winnings. Anyway, if you ever buy the product, you will curse the day so-called Everett ran for his life only to end up creating such a product. 

Then he started relaying what his life was before he was making the winning lottery streaks. He has a wife who works two jobs. They have two children who they are unable to provide the wants (not even cereal or a toy) because they needed to prioritize the electric bill. He had a job that was unable to sufficiently provide for the needs of his family. They weren’t poor but they could use more money. The average American life- as he calls it.

The same scammy story line which you would find at least twice a month on the Internet. “I was so poor until I found someone else’s shit which turned to gold when it was burnt under my wife’s a**”. No one cares any such BS stories any longer! 

Then one fateful evening while he was sitting in his couch watching lottery numbers being drawn, an idea dawned upon him. He found out that there are 30 people in the US who won the lottery at a “regular” basis. He realized that they lottery was created by human beings and since people are bound to make mistakes, then he figures out that the lottery can also be mistake-prone. He believes that he can crack it. He believes that there is a pattern to the winning numbers. Why would people repeatedly win if there was nothing in it? Out of the 30 people on his list, he was able to talk to 27 of them. At first, they were apprehensive and were hesitant to talk to him. But after he presented them his good intentions to help humanity, they softened up. These 27 people decided to share their winning “secret” to him. From there, birth his “27 WINNING SECRET FORMULA” in winning the lottery. He created a piece of software that will be able to predict the winning combination.

That’s the moment which really turned to be his lottery. Everett has sold a lot of his ‘software’ for $147 and he would be a millionaire for real now, not just in his fake story. The website was once ranked as high as 100k in Alexa rankings for web traffic.

He tested his system and after several attempts, he was able to hit it. He got the winning lottery combination. He then further talked about the system that it will not be able to predict the winning combination right away but eventually it will give you the combination that you have been waiting for. And now he decided to give back by giving 175 people a chance to get a hold of this software for only $147 (other affiliates have different prices.)

The irony is that the count of 175 still stays the same even after 5 years of the system being online. It just proves that the entire thing is made up and the scammy marketing tactics are in effect here. In their best time, they might have even made more than 175 sales in just a week, leave alone the 5 years count.

Oh. And may I also add that he included in his video that he is a mathematician.

That’s just a perfect fit for the story. Who else can crush the ‘secret’ of lotteries if not a mathematician?

How Does the Lotto Crusher System Work?

If you still want to give lotto crusher system a try, the process is very easy. All you have to do is to click the download button that will be shown towards the end of the video. Depending on the website that you are trying to get it from, it may offer you a variety of prices. Others would want you to pay the whole amount. Some websites do installment payments, as well.

Other affiliates say that the download is for free. Then after you download, it will then ask you to put in your credit card information. 

You have to be quick, though, because he is only limiting it to 175 people and now there are already 124 people who have taken advantage of the system.

Yes, the same pressurizing marketing tactic. In some programs, you will have a countdown timer which will start from 10 minutes every time you load a page. In some other, like the lotto system, the countdown timer is replaced with a ‘only a few left in store’ warning. Hmm, it’s getting pretty old. But still effective, need to say.

Once you download it, he further describes the system to be so easy to navigate that even an 8-year-old will be able to use the system. (Well, the PDF is like 130 pages and there is no way you can even read it all. Understanding it is an another thing!)All you have to do is to take note of the previously winning numbers, place it in the software; a little help from a calculator, the software does the algorithm; then VOILA! There goes your winning combination. And you can now start living the life of a billionaire..HUH!

See, humans are evolving and in the 21st century, you can be a billionaire with just $147 and a spinner software. How easy is that?! Even suicides will see a 50% cut once this software gets popular among the masses.

The real question, how much would be the probability of you winning a lottery for choosing a number that the system tells you to choose?

Consider, the lottery numbers are 1 to 100. Consider that the last six times, the winning numbers were 9, 35, 78, 5, 81 and 39. So what lotto crusher system would do is to tell us a number once we place these 6 numbers into the system. Assume you get a number – 68, by the lotto crusher system. What’s your probability of winning the lottery with the number 68? It’s 1 out of 100 as there is no correlation between the present draw and the previous draws. What’s the probability of you winning even if you choose any other number between 1 and 100? It’s the same 1 out of 100. So, in short, the lotto crusher crushes nothing and makes no difference to your chance or probability of winning.

What’s would be your probability of winning even if you choose any other number between 1 and 100? It’s the same 1 out of 100! So, in short, the lotto crusher crushes nothing and makes no difference to your chance or probability of winning. Each draw starts over with no memory of the older draws or winning numbers.


We will be looking into several things as we review on several things. We will look at the person, the testimonials, the system, and the inconsistencies. And from there we are going to put things together. Hold tight because this is going to be fun.

The Person- Everett Thompson

Everett Thompson

The picture above is Everett Thompson. That is him holding his winning lottery ticket and a screenshot of his bank account. This picture was taken off his promotional video. Let’s look into few items here.

  • The Name

If you look this guy up in Google, you will be unable to see any trace. For someone who has created the winning formula of the lottery, this actually deserves some attention. Apparently, there is none. No social media account, not even Twitter or LinkedIn. And if he is concerned about privacy, then he should not have posted his picture too!

  • The Name on the Account

Bank account of lotto crusher - review

If you look closely, the name on the bank account screenshot is not Everett Thompson, but it is AMANDA LEWIS. Why? Why post someone else’s bank account? When I looked her up, there is a certain Amanda Lewis who is an Operation Team Lead. Guess which bank? Uh-huh. Bank of America. I don’t know if it’s coincidence, but if you look at the bank where the account belongs. It is Bank of America.

  •  Balance As Of

Bank balance

I find it odd that the balance shows as of today and not a specific date.

The Testimonials

1. Dennis R- California

Out of the 33-minute video, a good amount of minutes was spent showing different testimonials from different people. They seem to look legit until this came out.

Lotto crusher lottery winner 2012

The picture on the right is Dennis R. from Redlands, California in Everrett Thompson’s video. In his testimony, he has claimed to have won total earnings of $1,242,000.00.b His first earning was $124,000.

The picture on the left is Urooj Khan of Chicago Illnois. He won $425,000 in the lottery. He is dead now and the cause of his death was cyanide poisoning a day after he won. This incident was all over the news.

And if you check the updated video now, this is how Dennis R. looks like now.

There is no picture now. If you look at the amount and the place, it is the same Dennis R. Let’s say that the picture of Dennis R is authentic and was not photoshopped. Why take it down?

2. Everett Lewis Testimonial

Based on the video and on his testimonials, he was holding a check for $5200. If you look closely, it’s not actually a check. He also had another picture where he was holding an Ohio Keno check. This is the time where he claimed that he won $10,000. If you look at the ticket closely, it was dated January 2012. Hold on. I am getting somewhere. Then he further claims that after 20 days he won $200 through a winning in Fantasy 5 which he had in Florida. Now look closely on the ticket. The date says November 2013! I don’t know about you but 20 days after Jan 2012 is definitely not November 2013.

The video then goes on with different people with different testimonials. Testimonials are so easy to fabricate. All you need is a few dollars to order videos from freelancer websites like Fiverr. It’s so easy and you will get it done in a professional manner within 2-3 days if you provide the script. So it’s time you stop believing all the testimonials that you see online. 

Considering the inconsistencies in the testimonials of Lottery Crusher and the “photoshopped” picture, then it makes us question the credibility of the other testimonials. If it is as cheap as $5 to get a testimony, then what can stop a person from buying a testimony who is willing to give them “realistic” feedback?

The System – Lotto Crusher Review

The internet is full of explanations and processes on how you can predict the winning lottery number. What makes Lotto Crusher stand out? The simplicity. The simplicity of just writing the winning numbers down, a little math equation, and the system does everything is well too easy and too simple that makes us wonder if it really exists. This is what they want us to believe. But if we dive into lotto crusher system formula reviews, it’s neither simple nor practical. 
If you go through the Ebook, there is nothing simple in getting the winning combination. It starts off by giving you a history about lotto, lengthy explanations, and just percentages after percentages. Didn’t they say that this is so easy that even a toddler will know? Where is that now? There is nothing simple about this. At the end, it will still leave you confused as you first were.If you look at the real deal from Mathematicians, there are 1 in 10 billion chances that you can get the exact lottery combination for a 49 ball draw. So when someone comes out and says that he has figured it out and you can get the right combination by simple clicks of the button, then that blows people mind off. That is exactly what happened to Lottery Crusher. You simply download the software. After, they will also send you an ebook on how to go about the process. By a deep Google search, I have found the eBook. Yes! This is the Ebook that comes along with the system. Go on. Take a look. You be the judge. If you want to download lotto crusher system formula PDF, that’s it. 

Everett Thompson introduced it as a ClickBank product. ClickBank is a market place where anyone or everyone can sell digital products such as ebooks or some fake softwares as long as it looks convincing. Thousands of bloggers promote those products all over the internet to make money out of the product through commissions. The common factor for all the Clickbank vendors is that their ultimate aim while creating a product/ebook is to make it look legit in all possible ways. They spend the majority of their time/money to get the eBook. Most of the time they hire freelancer writers to come up with a convincing eBook with in detail write up covering a particular subject the owner is trying to sell and make money off. The condition is no different here. The eBook has a lot of numbers and made up ‘facts’ to make it look legitimate.

The common factor for all the Clickbank vendors is that their ultimate aim while creating a product/ebook is to make it look legit in all possible ways. They spend the majority of their time/money to get the eBook. Most of the time they hire freelancer writers to come up with a convincing eBook with in detail write up covering a particular subject the owner is trying to sell and make money off. The condition is no different here. The eBook has a lot of numbers and made up ‘facts’ to make it look legitimate.

They have taken their software first to be sold in Click Bank and next to Software Projects. These two markets are where entrepreneurs go to sell their digital products. When they choose to sell it there, they then get affiliates to sell it for them. There is of course a cut when it comes to the profit. Click Bank and Software Projects are not particular with the kind of entrepreneurs that come to them. As long as they earn and get a cut, they are good.

When Lotto Crusher was being sold in Click Bank, it has gotten so many complaints and issues that they decided to close it down. What made us say that? Because if you look for it in Click Bank, you will no longer be able to find it. They then transitioned to Software Projects. Now, they have their own website.

The Inconsistencies

There are inconsistencies that can be noticed in the video alone. We are going to discuss those inconsistencies. If you do not pay attention to these details, it is hardly unnoticeable. But because we want to see if this is air-tight, then we need to check every single detail and fact.

1. 51 Copies or 53 Copies Remaining?

If you sit and listen to the full 33 minutes of the video and listen intently, you will be able to notice that there was an inconsistency in the number of copies remaining. At one point, they mentioned 51 copies and on the latter part, they mentioned that there are still 53 copies remaining. Then again, they are very consistent when they said that only 175 downloads are allowed. Then 124 people have already gotten it. If you do the math, then it will give us 51. It may be a mistake or a human error. But for someone who is a mathematician, a simple math equation on subtraction should not be challenging. I mean it is something that even a toddler can answer. Pun intended.

2. 124 Downloads Since 2012

Lotto Crusher came out and was introduced in 2012. It is now 2017. It still has the same number of downloads sold and remaining. So that makes us wonder what happened to their sales. Is it possible that for 5 years nobody took advantage of it? When did the 124 download the software? What happened to that 124? How come there was no further improvement in their advertising? In their marketing? If it is legit, then why still hide behind the same testimonials that were used 5 years ago?

3. The Video Ad

I came to encounter this video ad. This video was launched in 2011. A year after that in 2012, the Lotto Crusher by Everett Thompson came out. Same name but Everett’s has a more dramatic taste. The 2011 ad, on the other hand, seemed like your typical advertising. Same name, different style, plus some more “realistic” testimonies. And voila. A new product. Different author.

Putting It All Together- Is it Legit? Is it a Scam?

The name, the testimonials, the system, and the inconsistencies presented, this will make us doubt (double time) the legitimacy of the business.

From the looks of it, it is just loopholes after loopholes, doubts after doubts, questions after questions. There are still people who are interested. There are still individuals who are hopeful that this can actually save them from a financial devastation that they are in. I mean, who wouldn’t want to invest a few dollars to get a lifetime winning.

There are also people rallying and bashing the product. There are people calling out foul on the marketing scheme of the product.

So this brings us to the question. Is Lotto Crusher Legit? Is Lotto Crusher a scam? This is the whole point why we have this Lotto Crusher System Review.

I think it is pretty obvious from every piece of evidence presented above, that it is without a doubt, crystal clear that Lotto Crusher is a SCAM.

Scam is defined as a dishonest scheme, a fraud, and to swindle. And Lotto Crusher’s scheme is obviously a dishonest scheme that was made to mislead people. It existed to swindle people from presenting a story that they can relate, toy with their emotion, and have them spend money.

There has also been a report that there were people whose email address has been hacked. They send emails to different people and using the name and information of that certain person.

There is also a couple who complained that Lottery Crusher does not have customer support. This is in contradiction with their initial claim that they will provide a customer service number once they download the software.

Again. Let us reiterate this to you. DO NOT BELIEVE LOTTO CRUSHER. IT IS A CLEAR SCAM.


To want to have a good life is not bad. But to trick and use other people’s hard earned money just to provide for your own needs is just heartless and cold. This is what scammers do. They use desperate people’s vulnerability and dreams just to satisfy their own.

That is why. Do not believe everything that you see online because not all of it is legit. If it’s too good to be true, then most likely it is. Most likely it is a SCAM.

The short story – No software in the world can predict how a ball would bounce in a gambling table. The websites promoting the product is actually affiliated with the company and there are a lot of bloggers/internet markets who create websites for the sole purpose of generating commissions by ranking the articles in the google. They don’t care whether the system works or not. They are just making use of the number of searches that happen in Google per month and more the number of people searching, higher would be the number of blogs promoting it. Don’t fall for their tactics! Almost none of the Clickbank product is worth promoting. 

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  1. This is the type of information that is actually worthwhile. I personally don’t play lottery games nor do I really have crushing debt or need millions. But I do understand how someone can be taken in when they think there is no hope, and I also can see the slight value in the dream of easy winning. But preying on others weakness and need is disgusting. I always laugh when they promise they are ‘giving it away’ then later they charge a huge discount. If they have so much wealth why NOT give it away?
    I appreciate your detailed investigative work.

  2. Great review. I can’t believe the amount of time you spent analyzing all the tricks and lies. Hopefully more people will see before they jump on the illusion wagon.

  3. Excellent breakdown. What REALLY surprises me is that, in this day and age, there are still desperate people who think there’s a “free lunch.”

  4. In your Conclusion you write,

    “They desperately use people’s vulnerability … .”

    That is atrocious “grammar.” They desperately use? No. You could say “they use desperate people’s vulnerability” and your mention of “desperation” would make grammatical sense. But why do you call the scammers desperate or say they, the scammers or users, are acting out of desperation?

    1. Haha, alright, dude. Changed it. What you say is correct. English is not my first language, not even second. So, don’t crucify me for that! 😉

    2. Hello “fakename”. Really? That’s what you got out of this whole article? He’s trying to save people from a scam. Not give English lessons. And fake name is two words.

    3. Are you fucking serious? Haha

    4. REALLY — Go *(_&&&$ yourself Fakename. We are not in English class you MORON.
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    5. you are a dick head you do that much research and share it for free i dont care about his grammer

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  6. Let’s just make this simple be cautious Of scammers..If it’s to good to be true..It’s a scam…Fuck the bullshit…And fake names….

  7. Can I send u a blank check or a shoe box full
    Of money ? God bless u . I’m rich now

  8. Cant Believe all the BS.
    I didnt Even NEED to read the Whole thing. Its Simple, Anyone who Brags they make TONS of Money from Playing Lotto and YET Charges you for it you KNOW is BS. If they make SOO much Money, Then WHY Charge People? Why dont we see 100 People Winning the Mega instead of either 0,1,or 2?

  9. thanks foe sharing i almost took the plunge but thanks to your time and investigation of this matter i saved 127.00. that i really did not have to spare. thanks again. from lori love may7,2018.

  10. I am glad l read this review, l thought it was very informative, thank you.

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