It’s time to put a full stop to scams

No more lies, cheating, and stealing. 

We'll protect you from MLM vultures and no-good training courses that are designed with a sole purpose of sucking out your hard earned money. 

Along with that, we'll help you find out legit opportunities that suit your caliber.  

Most of the multi level marketing companies and similar money making opportunities end ups making their founders and top level promoters multi millionaires. On the other side of the coin, there is you – the guy who contributed to that. Still broke, still hopeful. It’s time you stop being at the bottom of the food chain. Scams hurt people. Confirm whether the company you intends to join is exactly what they say they are. 

A Leading Source Built For Newbies

Our Mission

We have a simple and honest mission – help you make an educated choice when it’s about your money and your life. 

Our Team

Our team includes experienced writers who could spend 2-3 days researching companies, thus helping you save time. 

Our Vision

We dream of those days when people can’t easily be scammed and we want to contribute towards that. 

Ashin John

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