Dove Chocolate Discoveries Review – Just Chocolate Business?

Milk Chocolate. Dark Chocolate. Brownies.

Oh! That overflowing chocolate syrup in a chocolate fountain.

Chocolate everyday. Chocolate on every meal all day every day.

That is the ultimate dream.

Alright! Snap back to reality! This is a business review that we are doing here. (Though I would love to talk about chocolate until we finish.)

Ever heard of Dove Chocolate Discoveries? I bet you did. That mouth-watering taste as the chocolate melts in your mouth. Okay. Stop now. We really need to focus.

There are only two ways that you may have gotten into this review. I know you are not trying to confirm if Dove Chocolate Discovery tastes good (because they already are!). These two things are either you got invited to a Dove Chocolate party or someone has shared this opportunity to you. And now you would like to know if it’s worth it.

As much as we would love to discuss in details the Dove Chocolate Discoveries recipes, we will veer away from anything that will make us drool. We will focus on the non-palatable side- business side.

Other Dove Chocolate Discoveries reviews talk about the health content of their products, we are going deeper than that.

Let us start this mouth-watering experience, I mean review.

The Company

Like we always do, we will always start with the company. We will look into what company is behind these beautiful chocolates.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries review

Dove Chocolate Discoveries started in 2007 as a chocolate based multi-level marketing company. Yes. It’s an MLM. It seems like anything and everything can be an MLM product. Oh well. There is no limit to the kind of product that MLMs can market, anyway. This is quite unique as compared to the very common health and wellness niche that most MLMs are in.

Now back to Dove Chocolate Discoveries. It is part of Mars Incorporated. Mars Incorporated was started by Frank C. Mars and his wife Ethel. They started as chocolatiers that later on had their business grow.

They are part of the Direct Selling Association, together with Avon, Mary Kay, and Tupperware to name a few.

Its main office is located at 400 Valley Road Suite 200 Mt. Arlington, New Jersey 07856. Their contact number is (866) 922-3683.

Now I know that one of the things that people brag about Dove Chocolate Discoveries is the number of years that it has remained operational. Before, I’d take that as a factor in identifying if a company is legit or not. But after all the shenanigans on Vemma, I have decided to dig deeper and base my final take on more facts and not just years. You should too.

The People Behind It

I have checked on several sources digging and trying to find who the CEO of DCD is, but I have not gotten anything. All I got is that it is under Mars Incorporated.

The People Behind It

Mars Incorporated has been in the industry for over 100 years. They market different well known brands from pet care to chocolates to drinks and many more.

Alright. Well. We can all agree that Mars is a trust-worthy company. It still doesn’t erase the fact that there is no known person on top of DCD. The question remains. If  DCD is an MLM (which it is) who is upline #1?

The Products

One of the most essential things in finding a legit MLM company is the kind of products that it offers. Is it something that people will continuously patronize and buy?

Dove Chocolate Discoveries recipes.

These are samples of the products that DCD has. It is further categorized to chocolates (of course), sauces and spices, baking and desserts, beverages and mixology, snacks, and specials. Yes. You can get Dove Chocolate Discoveries recipes.

Because DCD is an MLM company, you cannot get these products anywhere but from distributors or chocolatiers as they call them. When you order online, you will be referred to a local distributor in your area. That is one of the marketing strategies of MLM. All MLM companies operate that way.

The Compensation Plan

If you are considering being part of DCD, then this must be the most interesting and most important part of the review. Its compensation plan is simple. You earn through commissions. Commissions are earned through two ways. These are through sales and recruitment.

  1. Direct Sales Commission- The direct sale commission which means that amount that you will get if you sell products is at 25%- 40%.
  2. Down Line Commission- Every time a down line is able to sell, as the recruiter, there is a 3%-5% on commission.
  3. Team Leader Commission- If a chocolatier was already able to build a team with 3 active members in his/her down line and $250 minimum in chocolate purchases, then that person qualifies for an additional commission.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries is a company that goes big with its’ Dove Chocolate Party. Why is that? Because the company provides party hosting commission. The percentages are below.

If a chocolatier purchases a product worth…

  • $200- $350= 10% hosting commission
  • $350- $499= 10% + 50% off on the price of two selected products
  • $500- $749= 15% + 50% off on the price of three selected products
  • $1000 and more = 20% + 50% off on the price of four selected products

If you check on their compensation plan that is available, it only focuses on direct sales. They have not included the commission given every time an individual is able to recruit. This is, after all, an MLM company. They should have presented the figures, as well.

The Cost

Because MLM companies present themselves as the member’s “own business”, there is always a start-up cost in putting a business.

  • The Starter Kit

This kit is cost at $115- $159. If you decide to sell all of the items, its’ total cost is $200 and $300. The products included are: 1 ½ pounds of milk chocolate, ½ pound dark chocolate, 2 chocolate mousse packets, 1 Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix, 1 Chocolate Martini Mix Bottle, 6 Chai Tea Packets, 2 Frosty White Smoothie Mix Packets, 2 White Chocolate Raspberry Daiquiri Mix Packets, 1 White Chocolate Meyer Lemon Baking Mix, 1 Box Milk Chocolate-Covered Cinnamon Almonds, 1 Box Dark Chocolate-Covered Fruit Collection, 1 Sweet’N’ Spicy Cocoa Rub, 1 Sweet’N’Smoky Chocolate BBQ Sauce, Printed Material, 1 Welcome Pack, 100 Tasting Party Invitations, 25 Catalogs, 25 Recruiting Brochures, and 50 Order Forms

  • The Master Chocolatier Kit

This kit costs more. It cost $499. If you choose to sell it, the total cost of the product is $800. The inclusions of this kit are pretty much the same as the starter kit, only that this has more in terms of quantity.

If you ask me, that is expensive, if you compare it to the cost of other MLM companies. But if chocolate is your passion and you believe in it so much, it can be worth it.

How to Get Started?

If you do not know any chocolatier, then you can apply and be a chocolatier online. There are four steps that you will go through.

  • Step #1: Enter your personal information.
  • Step #2: Order the kit that you want (either a starter or a master chocolatier kit)
  • Step #3: Sign the Independent Curator Agreement
  • Step #4: This is optional. You can purchase other products to sample.

Those are the steps that you will have to go through. Simple as it is. If you are serious about doing this business then we suggest that you be part of a team of someone you know. You will be somebody’s down line anyway. It might as well be someone you know.

Our Final Take

Dove Chocolate Discoveries reviews purpose is to make sure that you are well-informed and well-educated before you jump into this opportunity. Do not join an MLM company just because you are trigger happy (or because the chocolates lured you in).

Dove Chocolate Discoveries do not have any complaints which mean that they actually pay their members out.

Few things that you have to ask yourself before getting yourself into this company:

  1. Do I love chocolates? Can I be enthusiastic about the product?
  2. Do I believe in the company and support its’ vision?
  3. Am I comfortable in hosting chocolate parties?
  4. Do I have high tolerance on rejection and delayed sales results?
  5. Do I have a market that I can easily tap on?
  6. Am I comfortable in recruiting people outside my warm market, when the need arises?

If your answer is yes to all of those questions, then we believe that you are good to go.

Dove Chocolate Discoveries is legit. It is not a scam. FTC describes an MLM company to be a pyramid scheme if more than 50% of its’ total sales or income come from recruitment. There are no numbers that can back DCD up. That is why it is always with caution when you decide to join an MLM.


This has been the chocolatiest review that we have done, so far. In determining your success in an MLM, you must be totally sold out to it first before you can start selling it out to others.

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