Top PTC Websites Of 2016

The majority of people on the internet get stumbled upon PTC websites when they search on how to make money online, for the first time. If you are one among them, we are trying to help you by listing the best 5 PTC websites on the internet right now. If you are still wondering whether there is something called internet money, yes, there is!

The online advertisement industry is worth over 200 billion dollars spent per year as per stats available on 2016.  But, unfortunately, PTC websites contribute to only about 60 million dollars payout figure per year and 75% of those are based on Neobux. Clixsense payouts nearly 13 million dollars per year if the payout stats available on their website is the actual payout figure. Our blog would provide information about other streams of online earnings like revenue shares, HYIP, Cloud mining, Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing. Don’t get demotivated just by hearing the names. Everyone starts without knowing anything!

Clixsense and Neobux, both are pioneers in the field and would stay the same for as long as the internet is around. If you haven’t joined both, we would recommend you to register on both Clixsense and neobux before reading further! Every other PTC sites come after it in popularity and stability.

For earning money from PTC websites, you need to spend time clicking ads listed on the PTC (Paid To Click) website. And an another easy way to earn money is to rent referrals. If you have at least a $100, that’s an another way to make money in PTC website. But renting referrals aren’t profitable in every PTCs, which is why you need to research before renting referrals in any PTC sites. 

Why Should You Read Me?

An opinion or suggestion matters mainly when the speakers have got enough experience on the matter. I have been with PTC websites for the last 3 years (yes, late for the show! Sorry 😀 ). Even though I started my online journey with some other businesses, I had to take up the route of PTC as my main business got into a sleep mode.

Even though I wasn’t a clicker, I did good in renting referrals and made pretty awesome ROI as far as usual PTC sites are considered. I was happy as I got into an another stream of earnings. For example, I made $310 from $170 deposit in a then famous site called UseClix and I made $340 from a $176 investment to AdPageViews. That’s almost 200% ROI (Return Of Investment) in about 4-6 months in both. If you want to see more of my investments, I have a page especially for that which includes the majority of my investments that I made till 2015 starting. (I no longer update it due to the difficulties in doing so)

The issue is that with websites like Neobux or Clixsense, there is a limit on the amount of money we can make and they offer lesser returns. So I was always in search of new PTC programs which I felt like having caliber for me to earn some extra money. I tried to avoid the risky ones and I have to confess that I have felt the burn of being scammed now and then. But overall, my ROI was high enough, altogether. This is what you need to be aware of. If you invest/rent referrals on all of the new PTC that pop up, I can certify that you will lose your cash. So you need to choose vigilantly. I could help you a little as far as I understand them. You could ask me in the comment section and I will share my take on them!

Best 5 PTC Websites of November 2016

As we said, Neobux and Clixsense rules the list and you shouldn’t miss them if you aren’t in them yet. At least, you can understand what they are and how they work.  They are two perfect models of PTC websites.

  1. Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet Clicks are one of those PTC which you can trust on. Am personally an investor with them even though the amount of return I get is lesser compared to my main streams. The website is recommended for those who wish to have a safer way to earn money. Let me share my own experience. I tried them with exactly $82( $10 monthly subscription+ Scarlet-clicks500 rented referrals) and in 30 days, I have withdrawn $102. That’s $20 profit in just 30 days or in other sense 25% interest per month on our investment. On the other hand, you need to realize that the amount is very low ($100) and once you increase the deposit amount, the percentage profit(ROI) you earn will reduce. If you have $500, you can literally double it in a year. So that’s about 9% per month of profit for $500 deposit and the strategy matters. It’s about renewing referrals for long periods than to purchase a lot of rented referrals.

The website is online for over 7 years as it started in 2009 and has paid out over half a million dollars. If you don’t have the money to invest, you can view the ads and use those to buy referrals or you may withdraw. It’s like free money. Doesn’t it? Also, I would warn you that by clicking, you won’t see any good amount of money even if you do for like a year.

2. GPT Planet

As you read Scarlet Clicks, you felt confidence in earning your first dime online. Didn’t you? Here is an another one from the same owner. It started on 2011 and is continuing to pay, ever since. If you are unaware, the new PTC sites that GPT Planet pop up almost on a daily basis, they don’t even stand for 2 years. Lucky, if they even touch 6 months of being online.  GPT planet is more of a GPT (Get Paid To) than a PTC (Paid To Click). GPT planet provides you surveys, pin submits and such offers to earn more money along with clicking ads.

Many members continue doing their offers and build their accounts to the withdrawal limit. All you need is a PayPal account or a Payza account. The website already has about 225k members and $300+ in paid out figures.

3. Buxvertise

An another PTC where you can make a little profit for about $150-180 investment (renting referrals). Never thought money would be this easy to make. Right?

I feel it would be better to provide my own experience that to list on what they offer and how to do that and this! It’s Buxvertise again an old story. It’s not that I can’t make any profit out of such websites. But, I have better online business income streams., currently and thus, I don’t do this anymore. Nevertheless, Buxvertise was once my favorite.  I played those when I had enough time to know about all these. My investment (renting referral) was $350 and the return was $460. So that’s about $30-50 per month of profit. The $350 wasn’t my real investment as I used to withdraw the funds in order to get offers(10% off while depositing) and I invest it back. My actual renting amount was near to $180(taken from my own pocket) and I made $110 profit in like 3-4 months. That’s good. Isn’t it? It still gives you $30-50 profit per month for the same investment. Don’t you feel better about PTC sites now? At least, the guys with not much money in hand would!

4. Neobux

I, never have been a clicker. By clicker, I mean, I haven’t clicked many ads in my life even when I had no online income flow. Maybe, the credit goes to my parents who had a decent job and I never faced any issues in getting my wishes (unless it’s something my parents doesn’t agree upon) fulfilled. I remember joining Neobux in like 2011 or 2012 and I never have been active. I already made like 3 accounts there as they delete accounts if we don’t login for 90 days!

Regarding the profits that you can make, Neobux isn’t going to change your life at all. You earn for clicking ads, doing mini jobs and doing surveys. Earning potential by clicking ads is less than 10 cents a day! If you are from UK or US, surveys could make you some money. But if you are from some otheNeobuxr countries, earning potential is very low. Still, there are success stories of people from the third world who works their ass off!

If you have cash and would happily do the jobs for like 2-3 years, you can make some profit. By cash, I mean, $5000-10000 for upgrading to ultimate membership and rent like 5000 referrals. In that case, you will make $200-250 per month of profit. I am not well aware of the lower memberships and what I think is that you probably would lose cash if you try with lesser amounts.

 5. ClixSense

Again, an another website for the US, UK members. But, it works for almost everyone even though the earning will reduce depending on your country. It’s not actually a PTC oriented websites, it’s more like a legit survey site. You would get surveys to complete along with other mini jobs.Clixsense

The catch is direct referrals. If you can get some direct referrals, you can earn healthy amount per month. I have a few friends who earn $100-1000 per month from Clixsense having some direct referrals. If you are someone who has time to do the surveys (won’t always be able to complete those).

I hope you feel better reading my top paid to click site list and if you are not, it’s time to realize that PTC is not something you want to concentrate on.

How To Make Money Out of the new PTC websites?

If you are searching for best PTC sites for some time now, you probably know all the above five websites and their advantages/disadvantages. Now, you need to know more sites that would work better for you! Well, there are many other popular sites as well. But, the majority of them comes under the ponzi category where the real advertisement is very little compared to what they have to payout to their members.



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