Popular Revenue Share Scripts

When it’s about the revenue sharing script, many of you can identify the script being run on a website on the first look itself. The core of any revenue sharing website is the script. I hope it won’t surprise if I say that 90% of revenue shares are using one of the three popular revenue sharing which we are going to discuss. The revenue sharing functions like sharing revenue based on the revenue, add/withdraw funds and every such actions are taking cared by the script. Owners buy a script and then design the important pages which would give a unique look to the website. If you are interested, the article would help you to get an initial picture.


Proxcore is one of the famous scripts being used by owners who are serious. The script doesn’t usually have any errors once it is integrated with any website. Even if any errors are being faced, the script team is able to rectify it in a timely manner. We have seen their actions in the case of My Paying Ads, Fort Ad Pays, Intellarevshare and such popular revenue sharing sites. The majority of the popular revenue shares are using proxcore script even though recently they are being seen as a scam script due to the increase in the number of scam websites that uses the same script.

The script costs near to $400 which have to be classified as costly, compared to the other revshare scripts. Proxcore has good security features to avoid hacking or any type of misuse. The admins who say that their Proxcore script has some issues that can’t be solved, they are probably finding a way to scam!


The script recently got popular with the usage of the script in Triple Threat revenue share which is paying 40% for the last 5 months as of March 9, 2016 (Update- It stopped paying as it was supposed to 😉 ) The support of 2GoSoft is said to be incompetent in solving issues or adding new features as per the experience of GlobalTrafficAds admin. The opinion is from an admin who used the script and I am just sharing his opinion. I am not aware of the present situation as GlobalTrafficAds were online in 2015.  The interface of the script is user-friendly than Proxcore with nicely designed inner pages. The price is about $400 itself.


If a program that you joined started to have script related issues the next day of launch, that probably would be ScriptBolt script. ScriptBolt is infamous for the script errors even though it doesn’t affect their business. It is one of the cheapest revenue sharing script available right now. It is available for just $99 and that’s the reason why 60% of the revenue shares uses the Script Bolt script irrespective of the performance.

The script is the main building material of any revenue share and if you see any owner, trying to make some profit by choosing a cheap script, you may need to rethink on why you should join it, at the first place.

The real winner is ProXScripts by a large margin. No wonder all revshares that you see are based on ProXCore script.


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