Features That You Shouldn’t Consider In Investment Websites

The field you are on, investment based online industry, isn’t that moral like you wish to be. You may face blatant lies, you may confront cheating attempts from someone you didn’t expect. To be an owner of these websites is a tedious task for sure. For making admin’s efforts fruitful, they always try to utilize all possibilities to make their program popular/legit. On the article, we will look into those things which look like they matter a lot, but they really don’t matter anything.

These things which are being listed tell one thing, the admin knows what to do and what not to. He has experience in the field and he is not a complete noob. He can run the website without any issue unlike noobie admins who know what to do and when.

  • PayPal/Payza verified program

The craziest thing I have seen some promoters doing is promoting a program saying it is ‘Payza/PayPal verified program’. That makes no sense to me. Any program which is using a processor is verified to do business by the same processor. The verification is so simple and it takes only a few minutes. The intention of such promoters is to label a program as highly trusted having a good partnership with the processor. When the same PayPal freezes the program, the promoters would be nowhere to answer the questions which they themselves raised when they promoted.

  • Domain Registration Period

When admins list one of the main features of their website as ‘Domain registered for 5 years’, I am always like ‘WTF’. The problem here is the many are not aware that a domain can be registered for an year for as low as $9. It only cost owners $40-50 to register it for 5 years. $50 may be a big amount to people like you. But for a HYIP owner it’s nothing. The only intention for doing this is to make people think that the website is going to stay for 5 years.

  • Company Registration

Company registration is one of the most misused terms in revenue shares and HYIPs. For offline businesses, company registration do have a lot of value. Many of us know how despairing is the process to form your own company. But believe me on this, online company registration is easier than creating a FB profile. Usually, owners register their website at UK or some tax free states in US. UK companies are even available for as cheap as $50. Owners don’t even need to give any of his private info including his own name. Even if the company is real, the owner name would be fake. It’s that easy to fake everything and don’t believe any of these stuff. Registered company means nothing but owner knows how to do these things. Everything can be done online itself without moving his a**.

  • SSL encryption

SSL encryption means the data transfer between you and website will be encoded and a green lock will appear in the URL. It really isn’t that advantage like what owners say. It’s just an another marketing tactic. Domain validation certificates are available for $10 and it gives the green lock in the URL section. See, we should give SSL only what $10 is valued at.

  • Licensed Script

Some admins face so much of scarcity to list their main features and when they realize that their website is the worst ever, they list things like ‘Licensed script’. 95% of revenue shares comes out with licensed websites. Not many would do stupid things like using cracked script while creating a revenue sharing website. Such websites using cracked script don’t get popular and they won’t ever even get more than 100 members.

So if you ever confront these features being listed on some website, give only the value that it deserves. Don’t jump in seeing all these. It’s much easier than you think to set these features.



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