How To Create A Payza Account In 2016?

Payza is one of the popular global payment processors and is a major one in the ‘Make Money Online’ websites like  Paid To Click (PTC), Revenue Shares and HYIP.  It’s even popular among freelancers even though they have many other better options. Even though Payza has some suspicious past, it has been a favorite payment processor for many. We will  guide you on how to create a payza account.

The account type is to be decided based on your needs. The Business account is needed to be created only if you have to manage your own website and to accept payments. They provides API and you can accept payments from any countries with almost 0 paper works.

What’s Special In Payza?

PayPal, in no doubt, is the strongest and the most trusted payment processor in the world. But, due to many rules and regulations, PayPal is restricted in some Create payza accountcountries, especially the developing countries . For example, Pakistanis, who are active in online earning field, can’t have PayPal accounts legally. Due to RBI regulations in India, PayPal account holders need credit/debit cards of selected banks to send payments even though they can receive payments. The case is no different in most of developing countries

PayPal is always strict on approving websites and they have their own terms. Due to this fact, many of the ‘investment’ websites are unable to add PayPal as one of their payment processors.

This is where the need of an alternative payment processor is being raised. Payza has filled some of those space and there are hundreds of new members every month who opens a new payza account.

Payza Unverified Accounts

Anyone over 18 can create a payza account without verifying his identity. But the security and features allowed to an unverified payza account are minimal. It’s highly recommended to verify the account before sending payments even though the transaction limit is $999 from an unverified account. You can receive an unlimited amount of money in an unverified account. Withdrawals of up to $999 are allowed in bank wire and you can use credit card withdrawal too if you own a credit card. By 2015 end, Payza has introduced Bitcoin withdrawals which have made the whole process easier.

But, in case if the sender disputes over the money to payza, you won’t get much support from payza if you have an unverified account and they may even block your account as a precautionary step. There is a good chance that payza may rule in the favor of verified account. If the sender is trusted, you can proceed even with an unverified account without any hesitation.

Business accounts needed to be verified to send and withdraw funds.

Documents Needed For Personal Verified Account

  1. Proof Of Identity (Changes with country, PAN card for Indians)
  2. Proof Of Address( Electricity Bill, Gas Bill, Water Bill, Telephone Bill, Certificate from employer with address, Income Tax Assessment Order or Bank Statement)

Proofs can be in pdf, jpg or jpeg formats and pictures taken on your mobile phone would be enough if the quality is not bad. Unless you are the primary member of your family, bank statement would be the only viable address proof. Be sure to submit a recent bank statement, if that’s the case. Contact your bank or login to the internet banking facility, if you have it enabled with your bank account.

How To Create Payza Personal Account?

  • Create an account in payza with your exact name as shown in the proof of identity and address.
  • Login to your Payza account
  • Click on your name at the left top. A drop down menu will appear. Click on ‘Verification’.

How to create payza account

  • Upload the copy of PAN card and type down the PAN card number in the space provided  (Note – PAN card is for Indians and the requirement changes according to the country you belong to. Process is similar though)
  • Upload the proof of address

Once you have submitted the documents, your part is over and Payza will then confirm the validity of your documents. They would approve your account within a week. It usually takes 4-5 days. So we have learned how to create a payza account. Haven’t we?

Payza Deposit And Withdrawal Options

Payza allows funds to be deposited by credit cards, bitcoins, banks and they even have 3 approved exchanges even though all those exchangers charge heavy fees. Bank deposits are allowed only in the US, presently. Bitcoin is always the best way to deposit funds to payza if you don’t have a good exchanger. But it would take a few days to appear in your payza account.  You just need to create accounts on any of the popular bitcoin wallets. Credit cards could be costly as it involves payza fees along with conversion fees from your local currency to USD. The list of payza currencies is shown in the picture. But USD is always of use.

Payza currencies


Payza withdrawal options are almost the same and just the fees differs. I always used bitcoin withdrawals as it seems to be profitable and easy. If you have credit cards, that is an another possibility. Legit exchangers can be found easily and you should try to stay away from scammers. There are many of them!


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