Did any of our recommended programs scam before the expected life span?

If you are our referral, you will be refunded up to 90%

Even though we list the  current best 5 investment websites among RevShares, HYIP and PTC, it’s possible that something unexpected would happen as none of us have any inside info on what admin is planning. If you have made any investments to any such projects that were recommended by “The Money Reviews”, you will be compensated for your losses. The compensation validity of a program depends on the day the program is removed from our recommendation list.  For the compensation request to be fulfilled, you should adhere to these compensation policies.

1) Maximum compensation will be $100 no matter how much your loss is.

2) The amount of compensation varies depending on the number of compensation requests for the program and the reserve amount.

3) Compensation is provided only to those members who has lost money in our recommended programs. If you are on a profit, please don’t request for compensation as it will be neglected.

4) The validity of compensation policy depends on the earning rate of the website. If a program scams within the below specified time period since the program is removed from our recommendation list, you are eligible to be compensated.

  • Programs that share up to 2% –                         20 days
  • Programs that share between 2-4% –                10 days
  • Programs that share 4-7% –                               7 days
  • Programs that share 7-12% –                             5 days
  • Programs that share more than 12% –               3 days

How To Claim Your Compensation?

If you are eligible for the compensation based on the above compensation policies, you may request a compensation through Contact Me page. The request should be made within 15 days since program scammed. All details should be supplied and if any of the info is missing, I would neglect your request. In that case, you may get no answers for your support ticket and you can contact me with full details or can ask me on what went wrong. Please understand that I am doing it voluntarily and providing the correct details is your responsibility. The compensation will be provided on the 20th day since program scammed.

In the ‘message’ part of the support form, you should provide ALL THESE DETAILS

  • Website
  • Username
  • Account Password (We recommend changing your current password before sending it to us)
  • Date Of Deposit
  • Deposit Amount
  • Withdrawal Amount
  • Compensation Request Amount (Deposit amount Withdrawal amount)
  • Your payment processor ID ( PM, BTC, Payeer or Payza), No STP please!
ProgramClassUsernameRefund Alloted ($)Compensation Percentage (%)
Capital7HYIPStallionB$100Max Compensation
TopShareGlobalRevshareGanandoConDaniel$100Max Compensation