Best 5 Revenue Shares Of May 2017 – Ultimate Guide!

Top revenue share listingThis article will show you how to play revenue sharing websites and the list of best revshares at present. I have been updating the list for about 17 months, since September 4, 2015 to be precise. 

When I first stumbled upon revenue sharing websites on the internet, I was too skeptical. Can I really make money online from revenue shares? The question was left unanswered till I finally decided to join a revshare myself. Like in fairy tale stories, I started with a $60 which was my hostel rent for that month. Even though I suffered a minute loss in my first revshare website (got back 80%), it was a good learning curve. See, it wasn’t the best revshare which I joined for the first time. If you got profit in your first revshare, you were super lucky, I wasn’t!


I sometimes make even $10k deposits into programs that I believe in and let me make it clear, I try to get some profit out of it even though it gets wrong, sometimes. But in total, I am sure I am doing satisfactorily.

Anyway, for a newbie, it isn’t going to be easy to be part of the best revshare at the best time. This short revshare review is for helping people to choose the best online programs and the strategy to not lose money to any scammer admins. I will try my best to list everything I know. I am no not admins of these programs and so, the predictions are vulnerable to mistakes. So I request you to do your own research too! If you find something interesting, do let us know in comments 🙂

Why Should You Read Me?

If you have a look at the comments and our monitor history on revenue sharing websites, you can see that we had discussed,

  • Freedom5 members were instructed not to trust the program due to the scammy website home page, admin’s weird acts concentrating on bitcoin and over the roof ROI.
  • 15 days before RIOAdshare scammed, we gave the exact date of scamming based on many calculations which include the acts of admin and his new projects. All those who read our monitor have saved some money.
  • We got the prediction super accurate in the case of ClikDelivery and 1pack. The readers and referrals were able to make good ROI. Call it lucky or anything you want. But I have earned profit along with about 100+ of my referrals.
  • UltimateRevShare members were warned through our comments and through personal emails by April last week and the time period given was 2-3 weeks. Exactly by May 20, UltimateRevShare started to have issues. All who read our blog, got 20 days to get back more than their seed money!

The list would be never ending as there were many revenue sharing programs which never went popular. We are an investor friendly revenue share monitor through which we will share the best programs for investors and the right time to invest. As long as the program is listed in the TOP 5, you can be sure that it’s one among the best 5 revenue sharing websites you would ever find right now.

All the programs listed in the article are under compensation if the program scams. Read the compensation policies. 

Top 5 RevShares

Future Ad Pro

If you ask someone their revshare portfolio, there is a very high probability that FutureAdPro would be included in the list. Future Ad Pro has made waves in the revshare field and it has been getting stronger ever since it launched.

Undoubtfully, it’s one of the best revshares that launched in 2016. The journey started in March 2016 and it’s nearing its first anniversary. Until today, it has had ZERO issues!

The reason being the stability provided by the $50 ad packs, 1% sharing per day and 120% ROI of shares. Many revshare enthusiasts want a stable one which won’t disappear within 4-5 months. FutureAdPro is just the one you are looking for. We said it on March 2016 and actually, you missed a year of being the part of the program. I would say it’s still not late for FutureAdPro.

If there is one program that has stayed on my list for more than 6 months straight, it’s FutureAdPro. I had removed MPA multiple times, but never FutureAdPro. That’s how good the admin, Roman Ziemian dealt with the program.

The reasons for stability are simple – Mass promotion + Low sharing (1% per day) + Moderate ROI (120%) + Uptrending Bitcoin price.

They always organize events and webinars where you can meet the owner and other leaders.

And another interesting fact about Future Ad Pro is that it is connected with a social networking site called FutureNet where we can post and get friends just like that of facebook. FutureNet will act as a promotional tool and external income source for Future Ad Pro. You could get social activity bonus and it even has a matrix.

Multiple income streams crafted on a 100% custom script with long-term view, that’s what Future Ad Pro is. It’s one of those programs where you would think why you waited so long to start building.

The main thing to note is that the website is not good for small investors with $50 or $100 in hand. As this shares only 1% and has $50 ad packs, you need at least $500 to build up quickly. With $100, it will take 50 days to repurchase for the first time unless you opt for $10 ad packs which have less sharing percentages.

Last deposited date – April 2016

Deposited amount – $1000

revshare 2

Disclaimer – The links on the article are affiliate links. When you make a purchase, I get a small commission. If you feel the need to get registered under someone or no one, please feel free to use incognito mode!

What Our Readers Have Gained?

Profit, what else. When we started this blog, our intention was to list all those revenue shares that everyone promotes. But once we came to know the revenue share in depth by deep analysis, fortunately, I acquired the ability to value rev shares on my own. Even though we get things wrong many times, we do get it right sometimes which is the reason why I have 45% returning visitors on my blog! In every 1000 members that visit my blog, 450 comes back in the same month! Read what they have to say. A little bit of self-marketing 😉

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Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 20.50.05

How To Be Safe Once Investment Is Made?

The primary problem faced by investors is the decision on whether to repurchase or not. If they decide to repurchase, next question arises which is how long should they repurchase. A logic deposit-box-cashanswer to both is if you are joining a pretty new revenue share, you may repurchase for a month or two.

If the age of the revenue share is over a year and is paying 1%+, you may limit the days of repurchase and would get the seed back as fast as possible. The step is to make sure that no future issues being faced by the revshare affect your
money. If you feel safe to repurchase, repurchase as far as you wish.

Always connect with someone who has the knowledge of these revenue sharing websites. Having no partner or a good guide is one of the main reason
why people fail to get any profits from these revenue shares. If you start to make profits, don’t dump your guide. Try to be loyal to him/her as far as possible. If you feel you have enough knowledge, start to make referrals and be in contact with them and discuss the future of his investments.

Every revshare would have a group in FB where admins itself updates once in a week or so. Always try to be a part of the group to know the recent updates on revshares. A single update can make you lose the cash. If admins start to create problems or delaying things, that’s a red mark and if you care about your money, it’s the time to start the withdrawals. The usual issues admins says are

If admins start to create problems or delaying things, that’s a red mark and if you care about your money, it’s the time to start the withdrawals. The usual issues admins says are

  • Website migrations that take more than 4 days to get completed
  • PayPal processor freezing. Once it’s frozen, the revshare has almost no future. Sometimes admin makes up such stories for scamming.
  • Payza processor freezing. Payza rarely limits an account and it happens usually when the admin is withdrawing a lot of money from his account instead of paying out. And an another reason is the excess number of disputes.
  • Website script issues. Issues that doesn’t get solved even after a week itself is a red mark. First of all, these happen only with cheap scripts.
  • Advertisement sales went down which is followed by a reduction in daily ROI. Once it happens, 90% chance is for the collapse of the program if the admin doesn’t try his best.

How To Divide Your Investments In Revenue Shares?

It’s simple as you all know, invest in many ‘recommended’ revshares instead of investing in a single revenue sharing program.

You need to be aware of the fact that when a revshare is online and paying, there will be many supporters who would say that the program would stay for years and such crazy stuff. Whatever they say, invest only what you can afford to lose. Your sponsor may only recommend a single program. But better don’t invest all your money into one program.

You and your sponsor would get no info about any issues a website faces until the issue is made public and it can happen overnight. So better be safe from overnight losses and minimize the risk by choosing more than one program. Build your portfolio, filter rev share programs and invest in long-term view.

Are You New To Revenue Sharing Programs?

If you are new to revshares, you need to choose the right processor. The one I prefer is payza. I have written an article on how to create a payza account. The second most used one is Bitcoins. As the bitcoin price has increased 200% in the last 6 months, it was equivalent to an another revenue share where I didn’t lose money. If you don’t have any clue about bitcoin, you may read this article.

Your Thoughts

If you have any questions or concerns or you’d like to tell me about your Revshare experience, please leave me a comment below. I’ll more than happy to help and assist you.

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I had lots of fun writing this review on revshares, I hope you liked it. Thanks for reading it. :)

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